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sunflower vampire

Sometimes the need for two Understandably opposing viewpoints Needs a table to converse across among Friends when this world puts the pressure on Late to the party, all of our smiles and winks Offer an explanation at the comfort level … Continue reading

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reminded to live

Recall a found art piece that was mine Effort required to stay in the normal realm Making so many memories occur again Incense that helps with the collection of Nights filled with laughter and candles Deep conversations about dreams and … Continue reading

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closing of the day

Cruising to a stop after a day like this Like the last bit of water leaving the tub Or a fire still hot but nothing left to burn Shall we take a moment or three to Instigate the shallow air … Continue reading

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fight your own way out

Flying across the sky again In a chance to be near you and happy Getting that nothing is sacred Having understood that nobody is safe The grasp of reality is strong indeed  You must know that I want only you … Continue reading

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Come away, come, sweet love The golden morning breaks All the earth, all the air Of love and pleasure speaks Teach thy arms then to embrace And sweet rosy lips to kiss And mix our souls in mutual bliss Eyes … Continue reading

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grief and glory across the air the sounds ruminate playing an instrument like a person while the drops come down from the sky you broke the sea within me and made my sky return to the weeping but nothing seeps … Continue reading

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a short one

Funny sun, Mocked me that day, On the deck of Tortured food and torturous service, Following The fickle sunset I could no longer Keep my head up, And doubt Crawled up the damn sidewalk, Of course, And beat me up … Continue reading

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