process happening

play the game like everyone else
recognize that it isn’t hard to help
only the most sturdy minds
can bring other people up while plunging their depths
endure and include while securing the anchor
storms exist for all of us
some people handle stress a lot better than others
happiness is often a one sided coin to
all of those more in tune with the mysteries of life
people also know that they care about themselves
perhaps if they don’t then nobody else will
eden is just another
name for being completely at peace within yourself
if you get a chance to reach out
never lose sight of the help you can give people
go forth and share your elation
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eternal alone time

either its too late at night or
that is the blue of morning
entering in slowly at evening’s end
raising the cup with the gradual grace and
nearly finished pausing the energies once more
as these minutes expire like unwatered plants
leftover time used to input ideas and
ashes and dirt twisting circles in the breeze
like the severe weather the coast is being punished by
opportunities which happen after the worst terrors
nestled deep in the mind is the last study
empty of sound but full of knowledge
there are hours when the final minutes matter most
in truth, the time spent doing what you love
makes every other part of life bearable
emotions can change an entire person
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required request

remind, enjoy, destroy
endure the reflection of yourself
quit the preparing and escape
unless these expectations are met
imply that where you are at is just fine
roast in the heat as you travel
entire conversations with yourself are
desired just to get intelligent talk
red little tomato hanging on a vine doesn’t
even know its life is about to end
questioning your existence is
use less until you know who you really are
eventually the anxiety and dark thoughts join in
some people feel like that is slipping in a comfy bath
there is comfort after becoming used to it for so long
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redeem controlling

repeat myself or just know to
enter the room and gauge things before
doing an activity or starting a conversation
empty rooms are sometimes a relief and
every hour is
marked by pain i do not define
could be my heart but i
only can compare if it was something i felt before
not once have the hurt you caused
taken a moment of your time to make you stop and think
return to the past is nothing you would consider
originally you were the most helpful sort
like a vacation received in surprise that
lets me know how little caring is there
inside the morning the world smiles back because
nothing can bring me down anymore
gifts and time that are not even asked for
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building attention

behind my eyes i saw
until i wanted to really know
it was when she took my shirt
letting me know it would never be mine
definitely surprised when she asked me
if i would give her my everything and i
never should give that to her again
gave her my ring that i had purchased
and knew i would never get it back
then i achieved a place for us
to live and her design for a room was good
every time i caved in
never insulted her or put her down once
then in return i get treated like
i should smile
only when i have seen through it all
nobody sees me like her sky does
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resist operator

red in the air as our
empty times shine and we
show the sky our faces and our smiles
indigo drapes over the trees as we
sit and show a few good moments to the breeze
talk about how the water sounds feel
open the jacket and observe the birds
pick up a rock and throw it for no reason
each end of the day sits like this
run down the hill and jump in the water
ask for one more can to drink
then watch that sun go on down
off in the distant hills the moon rises slow
right now could last forever and we would not mind
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assume positivity

as the world is
sometimes seems the only view you
see is usually from the
underside of a tire
mornings often start with an
endurance test of memories of last night
putting on clothes and a smile and going
out into the world
sort of feels like torture
in my face
tiny minutes fight its way
in and seems like hours once again
veins of pain grow deep in my brain
if i take a bit to just breathe and try to think
then i recall just how lucky i am
you are in my life so everything will be alright
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