locate desires

look outside and see that change is here, like

oceans taking a stand for what they believe in,

completing a shift in society like an
abrupt earthquake in slow motion while the
terrified faces of those who hold on to
edges of the past and long expired conforming eras,
dying as if evolution will never occur yet
evidence of the advancement is massive and abundant,
showing up at the door of the ignorant history,
in effort after effort until the walls come down,
revolutions aways start like a small gathering storm,
eventually right outside the window,
setting things in the future’s road
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temperature relief

times have come to
end the fear and hesitation and
make a brand new choice in a direction,
pouring over old books and setting up,
eventual plans for advancement of
retreats where you never have to worry,
across the hours the light stretches,
turbulent moments jump away into the breeze,
unlimited kisses wait for you right here,
refuse to do anything but simply unwind,
empty your mind and decompress,
reveal to the hours only an elongated sigh,
enter a freedom unlike anything experienced in years,
let the air open up and
infuse every moment with a sense of purpose,
encounter your doubts and conquor them,
find your way
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secure temperament

some of the moments today
end with me shaking off the blues,
coming back into a serious alignment and
until I get straightened back out it could
really be a difficult day to dismay,
every reason to be glad comes back
to me where i picture five hours from now,
entering the house and finally settling down,
made more food just to
near something warm, yet
escalate the calm while defusing the heat,
reminding myself to be constantly brave and grateful,
maybe i can talk and just let it all open up or
even if there is no light we can still touch and converse,
nearly dawn and we are all awake,
tasty bites of a suffocating world
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overheating occurs

ordering myself to stay
very true to the course i set out
evolving my mind to be where i see correctly
removing any doubt when i observe you
hope breathes now new life when i get
eleven minutes of holding your hand
and on the twelfth minute i inquire if i can
take you someplace you have not been to
introduce you to enlightening experiences
neatly adding to your knowledge base
grafting the next ten months to this moment
offer to get a real neat sight seeing route
come on in and lets get you a cup
complete this time getting exactly what you want
under a warm blanket and
resting like never before with your feet up
staying right here temperature
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organized frustration

on the occasion that
right next to me is where you sit
glad little shocks race along my skin
around the time you choose
not to avoid touching me anymore and
instigate the holding hands to begin
zillions of lights turn on behind my eyes
each one a smile that you have inspired
directing the energy to fire up once again
filing me with an electric unstoppable movement
riding in my soul like a constant power machine
using me ike a vessel for brand new discoveries
showing paths out of the confusion of every day life
these access acceptance of living positive and passionate
run the recipe through the tests one more time
accumulate a bunch of fun plans this weekend
test the waters or jump right on in
inferred cam that slowly drops down on us
off in the sky stars show wishes to us
now i need your kisses like oxygen
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charged conversation

changes come to those who face it
having a ton of hours to think
and not one person to share my thoughts then
right when i lose hope you show up
getting better and better each passing minute
even as it flies out the window like an escaped bird
doing anything you want me to is like
coming out of a rainstorm to a hug and warm fire
once the feeling return to the toes then
no pain or ache will last through this evening
volumes of warmth rolling in the oven
eventually the yawning dog lays down
red glow from the
stove means the soup will be good to go
additional blankets already added
to the spot we will be shortly
in my arms where you belong
only your eyes bring me to song
no touch from anything affects me like you do
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treat delusion

taken from a break after being
ravaged and automatically torn apart,
ending the long period of time when
all these worries were off on vacation,
tossed aside like an empty beer can and
dented and abused before even being used but
eventually destroyed is better than not being noticed,
like a burned out lightbulb nobody ever finds out about,
unless you flip that switch you are blind to your problem,
soak deep inside for the solution to the issue,
intending to be one way yet succeeding at being another,
only you are the torch in the darkness,
nearly every hour is a stunning picture
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