confirmation days

come inside and lets tak for a minute
offer you my most recent leftovers
nobody gets much time with me anymore
for now i will meet with people
interested in getting time and
ready to put forth the effort required
making my self available to only my interests now
acquired tastes like hanging out along
take a moment to make sure you didnt get used to it
if you make someone smile
only for the joy you bring then
never give up trying to be a positive influence
drive myself to be the shining light
and then reach out to help whomever needs it
you only get ahead by taking the right steps
save yourself by saving others
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sweet resistance

soft like a spring breeze
when the first warm breaks
easily out of the upper elevations and
eases its way warily from up on high
taming the landscape after the freeze departs
remind tha plants that
every death must be followed by rebirth
somewhere deep in the earth
it is a message that is received
sleepy animals rise to greet the warm
then grumble and begin to forage slowly again
across the land all things look forward to a bloom
near and far, the
coming year will be a strong shift
every cause comes with an effect
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broken portraits

She is active, calculating in photographic images.
I am less activated, outlining in cloudy impressions.
She becomes quick, trusting these video stills.
I become dull, misbelieving my busted camera.
She mistrusts her belief in her pictured observing, and there is faith in that self doubt.
I see not to distrust, yet I don’t assume from facts in broken portraits.
Questioning her revelations, she forgets why she asked herself.
Answering my revelations, I forget what the questions were.
When proof fails her, she doubts everything.
When proof fails me, I am correct again.
She continues fast and sharp, in her clarity.
I continue boring and less fast, in my fog.
She wants a plan, without desires or objectivity.
I wish my desires, with no plan that I can see.
She has new confusion in her understanding.
I have new understanding in my confusion.

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deeper stories now

during the night, the world had
ended our comfort level, and when our
easy life finished dying we had
placed far too much trust in the
empty midnights that every house
remembers when waking up to,
some days remind you how much
the night is where you prefer,
on those occasions you ponder the sorrow of
realizations you have never gotten over, confused
instances of a far more innocent year,
evade the crushing desire to
stay far away one you go on vacation,
numbers never have as big an impact as lessons,
organisms of every sort learn instincts;
when will humans learn thier consequences?
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discovery zone

dare to set impossible goals
include compassion in daily routines
starve the hate and feed the love
carry on being a good example
organize a meeting with friends often
variety of fun keeps you going
empathy is like a simple tool to the wise but
really difficult for many with ignorance
young and old all breathe the same air yet
zero chance we could get along without heart
only so many people really opened my mind
near the door to my soul is your imprint
eventually we all stop sharing our stories
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fallen wine glasses

fear is something that feeds itself,
all the time, if you let it,
like a shark that eats itself or a
little demon that lives in your mind,
either correct your thinking or make sure
not to keep making the same mistakes,
watch closely the back of one who watches yours,
intensify the willingness to avoid weakness,
names are never as important as places and faces,
end your obsession with physical object ownership,
get your mind right and value the important choices,
lead who you can and cherish who leads you,
attempt to judge how to help correctly,
shallow people can not be tolerated when
shifting the future of an entire belief system,
endure some doubt from others and work forward,
show yourself you can do anything
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right here

so just remember,
most things in life can give you anxiety, hurt you, and bring you down,
but also,
most things in life can inspire you, give you fuel for your fire,
and make you find a new purpose that you did not know was so important to your soul.
so do not let anything be that straw that broke the camel’s back,
but instead let it be what reminds you that you are the ray of sunshine
in someone’s dreary cave of life.
no other person should effect you beyond what you are allowing them to and fly fast and hard and get
to the point where each wound is what makes you try harder, no, succeed better toward your own inner strength. that mean coworker, and that bad driver, and that person close to you who treats you so bad? they are the lesson to make you learn about positivity through endurance, and your own power in the heart of the storm. I know that you know you can persevere, but sometimes you have to remember it fully. be complete in your own dreams and goals

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