roasting in the sun

empty stomach and blurry eyes

patience will help concentration rise

light bouncing of silver

among the

confined choices from which

emphasize a condition you don’t want

made to deal with the very

orderly calmness before the storm

really disarming silence before the panic

No surprise like when the earthquake hits

it’s jumpy when the earth has to shudder awake

narrow windows Luka a tightrope walk

getting the blood flowing

torn between the future and the past

if I made your life better that’s all that counts

maybe a heart that big has its own countries yet

even those borders are not permanent

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either is too late at night or

that is the blue of morning

end slowly but

raising a glass gradually

nearly pausing energies

as these minutes expire

leftover time used like un-watered plants

ashes twisted in the breeze

like the smoke the air is punished by

open minded after the worst terror

nesting deep

empty like a mind ready to learn

these are minutes that matter

in truth

making life bearable

emotions like love can change an entire person

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as I walk

I shiver I see the plants


in the rain

I sigh

this is my shower

if I knew how

to decease

and not die

you brought me back

from the edge

where the demons lurk

the corner of a building

was home

a brick wall

my closest friend

cement by my bed

traffic by my head

a bruising every night

and every morning

and did you know what you did

or was it just chance

like a matter of circumstance

because I owe it to you

the clouds today

confirmed it

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while in a long

now know the

realized storm

of a recalled team

from years past

was remember apples

and forgotten peaches

and nothing grows

there but am echoes

yet here was the

every connection between

the Caledonia face

Upon Mars surface and

the Leonardo DaVinci man

inside the square circle

was not a

place I had ever been

before so how

did I know that

and where did

the complex equation

come from anyways?

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night in

being driven

as crazy a day goes

when I was going through my last

defined statement

when I could put up with a

fight in the mind

and the next day came

and I couldn’t make a claim

to be the most normal mind

but I can hear

the many dogfight signs in my mind

and cannot be the same

any more if

I do not settle the score

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taken from a break

ravaged and torn apart

ending the long period of time when

all of these worries were off on vacation

tossed aside

dented and abused before even being used

eventually destroyed

is better than not being noticed

like a burned out light bulb nobody finds

unless you flip that switch you are blind

to the problem

seek deep inside

for solution to the issue

intending to be one way but

succeeding at another

only you are the torch in darkness

nearly every hour is a stunning picture

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Overwhelming chapter

the tale was

always beginning when the

forest had been entered for the

first time and the shade from

the trees had been a relief

but there was a story waiting at

the end of the trail

yet the calm of the hidden nature

was only as close as what

was around each new corner of the trees

and even the wind or

the collection of mysterious

tones of home could be explained

like a character in the story

where everything changes once you

make a choice in your life

story and follow through then you

are rewriting your own path and

not everyone understands that

they can make

that decision for themselves

when they get the


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the light shines off your hair clip

and is the only color in the dim room

the closeness is not sudden

I can even see my reflection there

we have mingled

across the space

and around my hand

both yours are gripped

don’t let me slip

away into the copper eve

as I am unrecognizable

away from here

it was a good plan

to speed off into

the night again


everything I need to do

I can do tomorrow

your eyes are something

I cannot do without


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Taking a sign

From the moon

And asking the stars again

The delight

of your company

can delay

me leaving

for any amount of time

the wonderfulness

of your laugh

can distract my brain

from intelligently finishing

the sentence

that I just started

the joy

of you

wanting to be near me


just stop me from ever

wanting to be anywhere else

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grey haze

the relief

of a dream

set to the tone

of a cloud in front of the moon and

a road with no signs

no left turn which

will lead you home but

a thousand tiny little demons


in the blue wallpaper pattern

and a song you hear

though the room is silent

yet the plant waves hello to you

but there is no breeze

or even enough light

to see the top of the tree

and if you am awake

you know the door is open

and the oranges are not rotten

and the kiss before leaving

is not forgotten

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