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Trust travel

Drive the car
Like it is your vehicle of desire
And you know the road so well
And you will not be denied
While the day is ending
On a good inspiration to revive this
One correlation that so many hours
And weeks and months
Have been unknowingly building towards
I was on the way to my destiny
More than I ever knew it
Across the country is not that far
When you have gotten word of acceptance
And the one who is there for you is waiting
You are charging fast on your way
Even if the scars have not fully healed
But you know where you are meant to be
Nothing can stop the momentum of our past
Coming in full clash with our future
And fixing the best flow of joyful
Meant-to-be serendipity

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The forest is haunted,
But all the spirits
That have entered
Into the trees and have joined forces
With the powers in the ground
Are no longer pleased with the decisions of the people
Who let the bad things occur around here,
And if you are brave enough to enter
Than you must know that
Nobody has come back out alive,
There is a very thin line between bravery and craziness,
And if you enter that forest
You are walking that line,
There is no defense for the horrors that
Await whomever is going into that dark wood

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Dawn of war now

dealing and ready to delay
a past and long forgotten times
when we met so far away
not this or any other day i regret
on the year we were together often i changed
from that i took a life lesson so important
were you with my when i left
are you aware of the place and area of existence i currently reside in
right at this energy i became close to the past
not one minute i can avoid who i am
on the roof of an aura i once avoided
who i became is all thanks to you, my dear


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Making a classic move
To run, ruin, and destroy
Across the years of a desperate fool,
It must have felt so gratifying to you
To know how much you may have
Crashed into this unforseen future
While the sharks were circling in the wings
And only a few hundred ways to
Forget everything you thought you knew before,
There are three people around that
Make a choice and all of them are you
But when you can only get words
Dripping with emptiness and sarcasm
You learn to raise up the shields
And be on your guard as often as possible,
Because everyone
Has someone
But you cannot stop someone
Who needs no one

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Aim even higher

Across the years
I have found you here
Made to wait and roam
Every bit of stress is gone
Vital signs no longer dangerous
Each evening better than before
Now I am a lightning shot
Hot and ready to burn
Into the atmosphere of life
Getting the very best in experience
Having to keep that in mind
Even the best trails have an end and beginning
Ready for anything

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Originated scene

orange clouds drift along treetops,
right here the rock rises to meet the sky,
inside the valley a cool wind swells,
growing temperature meets with moisture,
it is time, longer days and warming nights, forests teeming with life,
nature can sense the frost,
at the upper elevations begins that thaw,
those waves take their time in arriving,
evaluate day by day,
don’t make the major energy i used to,
sometimes the atmosphere works against the health but
continue doing whatever gets you through,
endure where you are at and break the system,
nearly every day is a ceremony or ritual,
each day ended near you is magical


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Often, it started this way;
when it came time
for lying down, you knew I
would be
singing your energy…
I came so close to rebuilding
my life without you, that I, honestly,
had considered giving only one more
chance to myself.
a large journal
of grief, blue skies,
made final by the percussive retold
rhythm. you couldn’t have foreseen me
or you were an unreal actress of amazing talent. actually
you were doing
everything I had hoped; wanting my hand
while driving, wanting a kiss before leaving,
wished to know my thoughts…
felt so right when you were held;
and then your mind
came to a realization, a big blue curtain
that held your intermission.
when you woke up
and saw me
your eyes shone.
the new ending had given way to
a comfortable familiar beginning.
happily ever after,
I shed layers of joy for us while dreaming…


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And not sleeping

anticipation is now a friend who
nicely waits around the corner every
day and takes the mind for a walk when
nobody else is looking yet sort of similar to
offering to hang out every night when
there is only going to be us at home anyway
sometimes just a place to sit and television
light are all we need to have a great time
essentially I just want you near
every day and night and more often too
pleased by life even though I can not doze off
impact of the body on the mattress is
now the closest I get to sleep
grateful that you are in my life


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Big heart

I don’t know who needs to hear this today

You are like many women of power in that your

supernova of powerful energy cannot be held down

or contained and even the roadblocks and

speedbumps which can occasionally dampen the light

best get out of the way or be burned up into ashes or

thrown into the past. No person that anyone is in a

relationship with, be it personally or family, should

make you do anything but keep evolving into the

kickass being you were always meant to be and there

are people who are sending you positive vibes to

power that soul into the sun filled height that it will

always deserve. You must  never forget that

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