accomplice girlfriend

as the clouds roll in and
complete the new seasons greetings
carry the last few things inside before
organizing for a “stay home and
make inside cozy as possible” kind of day
pursue taking the long way to
little cookies of big cakes when
inspired to concoct something sweet and yummy
cinnamon and peppermint with smidgen of
eager pumpkin frosting joining in the mix
growling tummies smell the
increasing drift of hot and
rising flour meeting buttery chocolate
little mushrooms the color of last years fire
five drinks in and the fun begins
reminded of a game we played many weekends ago
instinct says we might
end the night the same place we started
near each other staring up at the ceiling
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making discoveries

morbid curiosity rebounds
across the many pages written and read
keeping on the blank expression that
is not where your mind currently is
numbers can tell a story like words do
get the right homework done before the soul
does even begin the class
it really, of course
shouldn’t be that people can so
closely hold on to thier first ignorance
often people bond while being raised up
vetting out the opposing opinions revealed
enduring a last ditch effort at connecting
red showing up on every pine tree
it is that time of year
everyone learns something new
shadows of yester-year
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supporting escape

sometimes the choice is simple
unless you did not know
playing distracts you from the fork in the road
possible you picked a direction before you saw a choice
or even looked back
requesting a time to replace the plans
then help yourself to a bit of peace and quiet
if you flip that switch each day is a laugh riot
nothing keeps you down
grow the faith to go with the concern
even better than when you feel a sickness leaving
secure the belief in a new experience evolving
cast out into the world when the curtain rises
accurate guesses to go with our compassion
proposing a brand new plan of attack
every day near you is exceptional
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incomparable life

inside the mind a lonely kind of
night, compete with spots of warm and
chilly-looking out of doors, the
orange clouds shy away over the hour that
may mean steamy bowls of dinner or
perhaps a hot chocolate to go with socks
and finally getting to put your feet up while
red embers warm from the purring fireplace
a curled up pet and
bananas ready to put into bread
little lights of candles flickering reflections off
evening windows showing outside piles of white
little marshmallows in the mug with
interesting cheeses next to crackers on a plate
frost on a glass of ale the only freeze in here
every time this happens we want to stay here till next year
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prove syndrome

permanent change to a thinking gets
ready to place a change on your face,
ordering yourself to be
versatile in thinking and ability when
end of a project can make you question
some of the reasons you work and have drive,
your ambition is now a racecar in overheat,
near the corner where the finish line waits,
dedicated to a future that has now made friends,
regarding the tough nights where difficult bits dwell,
ominous choices that you no longer fear,
maybe just let it flow and cross the waves,
empty your mind of hate
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ice dedications

inclination to avoid
coming into a room full of people
even if a few of those people you really like
deciding what to say long before
each person you shall speak to shows thier face
deny that little doubt any access
introduce a smaller amount of crazy into life
calm is now a friend you carry around
anxiety is aways conquerable
though things are different now, it was not always like this
i can not share my inner monologue often
out on that limb there is not much company
nobody can cure you so you just have to suffer through
supporting your motivation is what i am here to do
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determined choice

determined to do the next speedy step
every time you start again
take hold of the choice and move on
each person has thier own way of
re-igniting the desire for change but you
must grasp action correct for the new
inspired direction to have any effect
not the worst thing to see you need change and do it
exist in a determined and single-minded view
dare to be the person with drive and passion
can you find a way to summon strength
have to chase down and catch that perseverance
off the playing field of a boring existence
information that was not your flavor
can still surprise you when it counts
even bad news can come with a silver lining
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