cascading scenes

only you

could have brought me

from the top of the mountain

to the beach and back again

and I willingly go wherever

the charm of your distant heart will

lead while the sight of you

in glorious memory is like the

reflection of the sun off a mirror

in the times we got together

I see our touch as the electricity of

one light that leads the way to a

entire megaverse of happy and connected

energy which fulfills and places a

desire to never be apart from you

Yet I know that both of our

relentless interconnectivity

will seek each other out even if the

land should shift and the wind will rise up

even if the manipulation of time and space

can make more effort than us yet the gods

who are on our side know that our

two souls are gems that are paired

together for all summers and autumnal

eternity especially

through the ages of our seasons and beyond

for sometimes two are one

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proverb of dream

the unbelievable


of the night becoming dawn

or another rate

of coming fire we have gathered for

and that is all the preparation

that we are required because off we go

on the way or at least in a

road of getting there as the

brightness we always feared is getting

here faster than we can escape it

I saw that collected street light

Starburst of stolen travel

both I and my watch saw this coming

my doll,

but I looked for you

and I never went to the phone

half heartedly

when I replied to you I just knew

that life was too short to not

tell you the truth

I would sooner disown the sun

than leave you

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places pushed

back into the memory

of an afterlife that we have

all the time in the world

burning deep within our past

like a fire built out of every

pinecone in the entire forest

young branches mixed in the discussions

of every touching moment that close ones

have been around to have

bit on top of a pair of eyes

squinting in the cold

is a whole mess of mop head that

the wind had a first hello to this morning

and does it appear amazing that I am

completely recalling the night long ago

when we shared a blanket and

watched the conversation move the time along

wishing for the clock to stop

so we could stare at each other

and talk without worrying about the dawn

if you could put your hand on

mine and remember the tides of

march that bring is together

once more

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your wine evening (making no waves tonight)

more or less

awake to a new wave of thinking

keep an open mind

in all the ways you approach me

nothing can keep me away

getting through today will not be too tough

now that I know I will see you tonight

ordering my mind to continue being strong

when you are near my worry is gone

Access to a beautiful work I never knew

very surprised I ever arrived here

each thought a lofty butterfly drifting

should you want time I will run to you

this sunset was made just for today

on the pillowy clouds ride thoughtful notes

Needing to chase that moon

into the sky and beyond the blue

guided with stars and hopeful wishes

her curly hair and bright eyes cause smiles

time cannot move slow enough for me

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again this time draws in

and those who clothe themselves

in the forces of nature but still

self invite an old treacherous heart

and do not walk among

the places which

are known especially to the grip

of greater strength

and who bow to the broken tomes

of ages long past

without knowing the blue flag

nor the cup and candle and bell

and those who never purify with water or

find the golden cleansing of a touch

from the vast and mighty voice

of fire and forgiveness but

Beckons for that power of

music and dance anyways

they have only the fear of energy

returning to them with many times

the ferocious mask it was cast out with

and that is the greatest

fear of all

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the filth

the ache

the hurry

the hate

everyone goes out

into the world and experiences

common curses in society

but only a few

can dance through this forest anymore

and losing your way in life

is as common as a stubbed toe

what you do with

your own pain

is your own business

yet the strong get used to dying

and all the rest

who take advantage and conniving schemes

will make their way

without as much struggle

or as much sweat on the brow

I would rather bleed emotion

and hurt in my own skeleton

than bow to any

direction where the gold piles rule

and my own thoughts will

be the inspiration I concocted

as the final heart beat drops

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furious excitement

forever with you is a dream come true

under the moon or at the table

realization like that can change things

in a very short period of time

Opportunity to change life for the better

unless there is enough hours

busy is a part of life

some mornings stunning and

some evenings electric

exactly as brilliant as I had dreamed

Xerox the day and copy that to my Calendar

coming in from the cold of customer service

into the warmth of actual interaction

this is the ailment which curses most of us

even when the need has become overworked

maybe the effort will pay off in the

end and all the harm will be forgiven

now you see life is too short for grudges

the best way is just proceeding one interaction at a time

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As of the dawn which

Plays open the day

Expectations are not the best

Death and despair will do that

The mood is bleak

and nothing brings the same place

back into the glow anymore

it is impossible to find joy

when your soul’s flowers have

been stepped on once again

the cold glass of water

is there to survive

not to thrive

but life is like that

and nobody chooses the

surprise tests you are given

any more than you

get to choose the skin you are in

and a walk in the forest

is just a place to escape to

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do these words

disturb you, or

set you at ease within your goals

and aims, because I have only so many

ways to let you in on your way out and

about life, fun and interesting as it is

without my input or critiques and if you

choose to be near me but also get a

whole invited amount of people who choose

you to be that friend, so I should just

remember where we are at now

because it will not last forever

and if you want to

go have a great day and not see me

I can understand

but trust me,I am getting on with my life

and having it go where I want it to, so

when you get a chance to be

with me or near me

from now on I suggest you

take it before I am gone, my love

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I was not yet ready to get my

discovery of laying out of my soul

for you the last time I visited, I

had begun to face where my life was

at, and in full dissatisfaction had

turned my face away from what I needed,

I could not have written one page of

my notebook if I had bothered to find it after

all this time, your comments and looks

would not have gotten a better reaction

from a brick wall, and I am friends

with quite a few of those, you and I are

alike, I can tell by our fists, when have

the clouds parted like this before? The

groaning in pain and prayer had not

even started yet, can I touch your scar if

you touch my red? I thought I was

cleaning out the system when I had some of

that poisoned green drink, color and stamina

have joined the trail my feet walk to make the

minutes bond into hours, and no, on that side

of the fence there isn’t any grass either,

but if you just keep on being true to

yourself, all will be revealed.

as old Joe says,

you only live once,

but if you do it right,

once is enough

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