revisiting security

roasting on the
edge of a shadow and
vital as the hidden cold drink is
incredible craziness has left
some stains and scars inside my personality
in the interest of civility i keep my mouth shut
taking a break from all communication
immaculate homes never have interesting residents
near the end of summer once again
growing used to going out a lot more often
saying up late with morning coffee prepared already
evidentially i raced against time when i
came back to the state i am in
unusual steps taken to build back those bridges
random twitchy actions seem to run in my blood
it is now the age of multitasking madness
take a minute to correctly percieve
yellow morning lit that fire
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morning fantastic

many of the times we get along oh so well
often it is because we are together
red sunsets and cold blue mornings
nearly every one of them are a
intense reminder of where we want to be
not a day goes by that i am not
grateful for the mission i put myself on
frantic and fearful of the next touch
aware of how close to the edge i have come
never should even open my mouth
torn between service and self preservation
as i appreciate you know i am wrong
sometimes always being helpful does not help yourself
take everything from me you need to
if you need my life you can take that also
coming out of the dream
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atmosphere collection

actually enabled
to fight the good fight
might not be nearly as important as
opportunities to learn why it is
still needed in the first place and
play the game with the intention of winning only,
have a chance to see the
evidence to see what everyone else wrestles with
riddles and jokes as code just in case
eventually it sinks in that you never
can stop working to improve if you want it enough
only the very best are aware of thier constancy
like that steady level of noise not in a library
lots of people are too tired or sad to try that way
everyone can get broken in this life but
cannot say i fit into that category anymore
truth is i can lift you out but
i cannot teach you to swim if you don’t want to
only you have the key
now that you know which door to open
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stunning continues

Shining light glowing through
The shades and arriving with bird song
Underneath the canopy of a cloudy tree
Neatly arranging lines on the wall
Nearby I see your little hair curls
Inched out along a soft pillow top
Near the green glow of an overnight soundtrack
Getting a slow sigh and a stretch pulled out
Comfy blankets laid out in rolling hills
Outside the covers is too cold for you to get up
Now I don’t want to move and disturb your still mood
Tempted to hold this moment long as possible
In this room a certain atmosphere exists
Natural easing back to the waking world
Untill I sit up the whole air will not shift
Insured that I have no reason to move
So that I can dwell here and cherish the calm

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dead corrected

denied the chance to get to
enjoy those years in the way i hoped
again seeing the mistakes in the rearview
during the night all purposefull direction
came and went in a flash of recognition
orphan ideas that were lost in the shuffle
right when the year of lightning was
really gathering steam and that
extra mile was highlighted by your amazing smile
commenting without word on
this month’s hopefull discoveries
equalizing the tough times in order to
dedicate my works to you
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destination found

deep in the soil of last years dreams
everyone has a few bones buried
some with regrets others with goals
those both have come to represent futures
include a prediction in your situation
none of the choices you make are without
a few hundred consequences but only two matter
this exact moment and in the
interest of all honesty the moment you lost the
only bit of trust i allow
not that you cared for peoples opinion anyways
from my very first memory to the recent past
once you know the right letters and numbers to
use every other worry falls by the wayside
now i have a good goal and
dedication to what i should work for
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information actions

instances of being lost
not that directions or road travelled was
first thing on the mind anyway but in
order to correct the course that is
readily available for what you need then
make a bee-line for the destiny route and
alter your path for a future you targeted
torn away from the times you wish to disassociate
if the objective is distance then get on it
only you can tell the highway what you will do
now pay attention to your inner guidance and
address what your
configurations are in the boundaries of a mental map
tested by knowing where your destination
is without the wisdom of seeing how to get there
odd how you recognize it when you see it
not by instructions or the location on a diagram
symphony of purpose at journey’s end
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