interesting rising

in the dark of
night a glowing light begins to arrive
taking a moment to slowly grow
entering the area where watchful
red illumination sits over
each rooftop and around the corner from every
stillness of a soundless shadow which has
intense feelings on a blood color dot that
neatly hovers from spot to spot
growling in its haunting quiet
reaching into darknesses with a mute determination
in that removal of security inside unlit rooms
stalking the moon shadows
infusing a tranquil scene with tension
nothing is the same
getting fear of other people out of your life
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remove adversity

reporting back home after today
every muscle finally relaxes and
multiple eyes greet me gladly
over the couch or behind a plant
vital as water are your kisses
enduring a day to enter a night
after i will never be angry again
donating my life to a duchess of attitude
vindication of the acts done to me
eventually a piece of my mind
reconnects the faraway places i find
secretly calling me back each year
intimate naps and silent soup
though paying a price by playing hero
you know i think you are spiritual catnip
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downtown romance

do not remind yourself of how you suffer,
only the rigid tree branches see,
when you see them covered in icy white,
nearly clear as a cloudless day,
the steam from a mug contrasting with a fog,
outside covering the far hidden mountains,
while the stew thickens the flakes keep falling,
nearly covering the deck and three chairs,
roaming gusts of the storm bring in shivers and
optional choices are electric blanket or hot bath,
murky air swirling and filled with wispy chill,
afforded the chance to settle in and not go out,
no television, music, or illumination required,
confirm the story you wish to live,
exist in a natural dimension of your own
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disgust appropriate

during the night
it seemed we came to an understanding where
some days you feel each and every hour pass,
glad that the purpose is not
used to motivate the clock or the concerns,
so when we woke up
the dangers which hoped to dominate us
are destroyed and were not allowed to define us,
pieces of the pains which remind of the
people who make life much harder for others,
reduced to using thier tools against,
or rebelling when a group of leaders do not listen,
part of the problem showed a new solution and our
readiness has been not patiently waiting but
intensely and passionately hungry for change,
applying a desire to a purpose and a direction,
tearing pages out of undeserved history we make a poise,
every day, month, and year we keep on fighting for our noise
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fearless additional

from now on
everyone must be far more
aware of the problems to be spoken to,
remove these assumptions and do not
let the past tell you how to act now,
either move forward or get used to it,
sad when you see how you fail but
stay on the side of powerfull self confidence,
address what is needing change,
denied a voice in the process
doesn’t need to stop this tidal wave,
if you know something is wrong don’t stay silent,
take a step forward to be heard,and
increase attentiveness to the problems and solutions,
open the door once you feel correctly secure,
normally showing your hand to be honest as you can
after you have run through all the options
let the appropriate attacks commence
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complete permission

covered in the cold and
over the ground rushes crashing clouds,
more than the representation of
places awakened by the aching of
lots of water and this arrival of moving air,
even the barometer will shiver
then beware the danger coming over here,
everyone stays inside at thier home this time,
perhaps just to keep near the warm or
encouraging some indoor work while you can,
refresh the mess and get a
morbid curiosity,
inside the very mind of an abstract painting,
sliding up beside the brand new way of thinking,
shock and surprise when the mind gets fully opened
if you feel, it can tell you a story like that,
only the moon can see
now that you get it
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compassion morning

coming out of a shell,
on the occasion for a growing experience,
making a change in a better direction,
putting your faith in the courage you discovered,
amaze yourself with gigantic efforts,
step into the entryway,
soak your skin on the warmth within,
individual drinks each hour and
orange glowing rocks on every counter,
nearly feeling the world inside these walls,
matching the mood to the sounds,
order no pizza instead just make soup,
real tiny tornado under the surface of the miso,
nowadays a calm evening is constantly desired,
intense need to lock us inside for a month solid,
not one thing do i hesitate about with you,
got to get back to where we once belonged
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