stray vilification

stopping to think will not help
take action and just get it done
remain in no one place for too long
across days you have to keep trying
your end goal was always there
vibrant as a surprise coming over a mountain
increasing the drive and passion to grow
lifting each new experience to a different level
it really can change your life
find out where you really want to be and aim for it
inclined to be driven instead of giving up
can reveal what you really need to remember
and get you really up and moving
take a minute when you can and gather strength
in the morning air of chill or the dead of night
on the side of a mountain or down by the waterside
nowhere means anything without you
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consistent twitches

curling around
overly cold atmosphere of the night
near the tiny bits of light reflected off
snow and ice in a still and frosty
so quiet that the movement which happens
takes and observing eye by surprise
as silent as a falling feather
not one hint gives away what is happening
those little shifts in energy can
take a whole new turn once it is figured out
wispy fog removing any sight in the distance
inquiring light dulled down to a hazy glow
thorny sharp white glare now diffused
culminating in subtle and mellow dimness
hiding movements in the murky gloom
expecting the captured moment to last
shining bright light only comes from your eyes
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disappearance dreamtime

not enough time in the day to
improve all the directions that this
current situation has become so entrenched
in, that it seems no choice is the good
one which would help the most,
not enough time in this afternoon to track
down all the mistakes and backup the missed
opportunities, that a fix of the wrong
decisions which caused this box of
disconnected puzzle pieces,
not enough time in this hour to do all
the things which have now arrived at the front
of my mind, the ideas which can solve and inspire
and collect all together the works of
which i have thought,
not enough time in this minute to
apologize to everyone who you did wrong and
to thank everyone who did right by you and to get
ready to move on after saying all the goodbyes…
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accountability open

around the land it is
coming out about how there is
completely obvious  is no balance of power
off in the corners of the spectrum
unleashed new rage is rising up once again
narrowing the edge between societies’ gaps
tracking down the requirements of a
abstract wave of unrefined deconstruction
blustered by morals valued and applied yet
introduced to tolerated discrimination which
light the fire in the furnace of the future
inclined into conversions of history
that no amount of simple conversation can do
young eyes that are no longer on the outside
often the change is as big as the storm
predicted but never precise in arriving
every day is a surprise
nights just the same
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chronological form

checking the time a
hard path out of the current situation
roads that do not see a lot of traffic and
only people arriving with a purpose come here
not only is it an unfound place but
organized streets do not get built around here
like when the first trails were being tested
over the next hill could be
getting to land we wish to claim
intention can shape an entire system of thought
capture the exact goal and break it down
across a timeline that is for sure accomplishable
let go of the weaknesses until
finding the destiny is there for you
operate on your life like practicing an instrument
return to those happier years
make each day flower
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profession misdirection

paper and commerce
ruining a thousand mornings a minute
overtaking the kindness and replacing with
frustration in travel and hostile destinations
eventually arriving then tied to a clock
stirring around and desperate for distraction
spill the entire days thoughts on a notepad
instruct the future on how to avoid becoming like others
over time it gets easier to stay
no matter if a winter storm warning is headed your way
maybe it works best paired with some thoughts with traction
if you want to get ahead use action with
do the activities of last night even get remembered and
if they are will that have any effect
reset after twenty four hour change
edit the moments and memories in your favor
click the switch and it starts all over again
turn offers to be distracted away
included in these last remaining hours
only the satisfaction of making you happy
no other thing makes me feel so exuberant
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common delusional

cannot see where this is going but
over there in the next year is making me excited
molded by each hour which is the next chance
making sure i know what i believe
only i now control my own body
never will i doubt my mind as it imagines
dining on the memories of each of life’s rememberings
endure the torture that modern living provides
let those minutes glide by like rain down the drain
using every direction that i need to plan
so deep dark and complicated not everyone can understand
if the days end this good then
of course i look forward to tomorrow
not a day goes by that i will not feast that way
as long as i can find my path to come back to you
love like this feels so true
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