feast with me

let me see your teeth

the delicious lush

is here right now

and as I put together

what I can do

to show how much I miss you

I am surprised

by the bit of fierce

that comes to my eyes

I need to have

this fever of love

be seen

but she is not around

so I will

bottle my love

in this paper and

before this night is done

she will receive this flower

made from the blood in my heart

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traveling specialty scene

all the fools

and doomsayers that have danced

back and forth along this

rough but determined street

could not stop

my fuzzy yummy positive

race towards you so driven and

single-minded and all the prophets

and wise men foretelling

could not have prepared me for

your coming

an even if they had tried


trained me

for weeks on end

to understand and be prepared

I would not have believed them

not only because

I can’t realize or

get it that you are here RIGHT NOW

but also

I didn’t know

angels existed

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satin starry

Whenever we

cannot be apart

it is better than anything else

I could have ever done

much less done the night before

but if I could place on you

this most Devine glow that I see

that I could put

you in this glorious otherly world

that grows holy clouds of interstellar


that I experience in your existence

as our atmospheres intertwine

stumbling over descriptions

so I guess what

I am trying to say

is yeah





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every hour a watching

eye can glimpse up upon

the passing of time and

Across many thoughts give

pathways to define

the crossroads

was bound to be at the end

of our time when

a way could ever be seen

beneath the wooden door

hidden away in the floor

that allows us to escape

to the place we

can make time stop

when we won’t know

how much time passed

when we snuggle up

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thistle breath

all the complex redemption

that falls along life’s journey

is a washing sunbeam

that cannot stay for long

like the drift of a delicious dish

baking close to where you first smell

it fades

and the time spent when close

when we are together

Is easier to remember than

anything else that counts

because it means so much

a sound beneath my arm

reminds me you are still there


and I hope in a thousand ways

this night will never end

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a connected eye

that wasn’t open

but still saw all the

nests it’s thoughts had sewn

and on the way

a being was there

made out of the web

on iron and dread

and the fear that was planted and grown

where did the

grime get washed off

and why was that hidden in

the stores that are defended

by the angers we have made a job

for them to do at this time

a hold on the seeing

of numerous futures come into being

and the careful way of

all the situations

fitting into place on the day

answers to questions

we don’t always

want to know

at least I have you

to give strength

and to hold

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winter snug

sometime in the future

I thought

from the way

lying down on the floor looking up

it makes you see so many things different

so may ways

that you never really did before

as you are reclining on the couch

my sweet sweet cleopatra

you clip the edges

of a fall foggy deliberate eve

with this snoozing warmth

among the huddling under a blanket

hot drink expressions

you have flowers

you reflect them

you have candles

you feel thier atmosphere

another delicious

cross breeze of

two worlds

simmering together

simmering together

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kisses for frizzes

Keeping enraptured

it is the closeness of

silent pressing of skin

Shifting reality to a bliss

even when it is obviously unexpected

sometimes is an unknown idea

for you I think of what

only a little sideways look could do

right now

Frosty rubs and puppy statements

rolling Around the rooms

in time to ─╝et go of past sadness

singular mornings that cause a

slight change in plans that

equals an entire existence shift

so the light can be let in a little bit

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after the particulars,

a gasp,

a moment of silence

and then another sigh,

and all the lights are righteously off

sharply, quiet

audiblization of teeth snapping together,

tinkering with

the wrestle of a moaning jaw

strongly grinding ivory flower against itself,

tickling a vanilla marble


when a fury blanket


and a sweet pair of lips

create the

sleepy nighttime curl up






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Today tonight tomorrow next week

of the moment when I have to leave

I can’t speak

I close my eyes to see clearly

I wrestle up a dream

the time to act

has come and gone

and even you don’t know what you mean

equally tough as a fool is rough

and a difficult fact to face

don’t even out the odds

if it works in your favor

the feel of your breath

on my eyelids

your hand on my arm

if I could

I would freeze this



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