retrieve tomorrow

recreating the feeling from so long ago
effort and errors make actions worthwhile
then you learn and sharpen a craft
richer than money are passions and skills
if you don’t believe that then you are asleep
exceptions to the rule come from
very dim people with little to offer
eventually they learn or live off old money
then they will be the first up against the wall
only if you have compassionate values
maybe can you hope for a better future
on the day that caring for others finally makes sense
refute the dark edges of your past
recipe for disaster if you do not
open up your dreams and wishes and
when you have goals you swallow them whole
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compassion weariness

concentrate on the
outcome and start the engine
machines being driven by systems interconnected
pushy calender reminding of
all the commitments previously delivered
showing those hundred places to go before nightfall
securing a destination planned since last year
if you cannot sleep and never been sober
only then will you find out why moonlight is my savior
now similar to the torrential downpour
which comes with giving up on your hate
exiting the delusion that
always won by the end of the week yet
refered to the red fury always on standby
institute the fixing of problems in this way
narrow your aim small like a key hole
even shout from the rooftops if you want to
so give another chance to yourself that direction and
stay thankfull
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permission processes

playing a game like an instrument well practiced
environment decides how much
reading into every mind is needed
much of the time very little analysis
is required to decode
some of they layers of digression
soft skills that motivate selfish brains
into action
only to avoid an obvious logical conclusion
night is when they really like to frolic
placed on top of a post like easy picking
red sky mornings all over this season
off in the distance a cold wind is rising
cutting across land and becoming strong
evolution of a new way of thought
staying in stone like a first world fossil
simply locked in as if no other element exists
endure the symptoms to drown out the hate
sometimes i just have to picture your face
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starting unbelievably

staying close and making sure
that we are good
and always and forever keep on
running the race like this
time and every occasion before
if we know the foundation then
nothing causes fear during a little shake up
getting back upon your feet is easier with help
under no circumstances will you waver from
niceness and endurance abilities
because i am going to apply my
effort-filled fierce minded spirit
like a train crossed with a bull-dozer
it never has to stop and think
eventually the brakes wear out
vital like privacy at a motel
after enough mistakes you either power through or give up
be aware so you know how capable you are
let the problems not distract you from
your ability to hustle when you have to
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simple life defined

should the days all blend together,
it will not be a worry if you stay focussed,
making it through a lean period is easy if your
placement of mindset is in the right direction,
like changing over your body when seasons shift or
enduring a terrible show because your kid likes it,
live a little bit more like you want to each day,
it won’t be long after ’till you sense the second,
finally when motivation busted in,
even kicking in the door is not a surprise,
didn’t need to think or even blink your eyes a few times,
eventually even the sun got out of your way,
find your drive and really latch on,
introduce the harmony you knew before,
need your own coaching session
every time it seems a new year
does not want you to forget last year’s lessons
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desire passwords

daring to speak your thoughts
evidence of the freedom accomplished
staying outside the lines
in case the next superstition decides
reversing those actions from long ago
elegant yet full of unexpected ways
possibilities arise like unprovoked jazz
as if a long story abruptly ends
skip the parts that you know
should make sense to you but don’t
wake up early because that may help
or stay up late because that may help
random bits of unforgettable loss of control
dedicated to collecting the right words
so i can make sense of next year
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carried loveliness

captured in a few short glances
all the possible desires of an evening,
ready and waiting, lasting and longing,
revealed after a few minutes of hesitation,
inside the tiny window of sleep inebriation,
effort like a pile of rock on your shoulders,
don’t hesitate to let a little rhythm in,
like when the winged creatures fly at the same time,
or when the snow begins to fall,
vanity is worry and sympathy is fearlessness,
even when the road has shown you its end and
lonely little clouds up in the dark sky,
inch thier way across this evening,
neatly masking the moon so slightly,
ending each day near you is the best,
soft little kisses are a
song deep in the canyon of my heart
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