Mere morning again

many times i have been
ending the night by greeting the morning
right in time for dawn is when you don’t want to be awake
effortlessly and brave, i am right there
making sure nobody will disturb the moment
opening out of a habit of improvement newly formed
reading into every comment or detail out of place
neatly disarranged as the future must be
including another person in your life must be a challenge
not that i ever knew what that was like
gaining strength day by day once again
after the kind of life this has been
go out as often as you want because you only live
as fast and fun as you can get away with
introduce yourself to every day as if you never met one
normal is not something you and i have ever been

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Tortured way

Provided with a reason

To keep on going

The motivation is now not a mystery

Each day is like a personal war

Against illness and against trouble

The two monstrous roadblocks which show

There fearsome faces at every available opportunity

The mission does not end

Until it has been completed

Not even if you stop or pair

The hesitation with a very long time away

An extended bit of removal

In addressing the issue will only cause you to

Come back later and have to find out

What to do at a later

Less current


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Some of the days arrive like seasons,

So subtle and simple that it could not

Possibly signify a change of any kind

Unless it is undeniable or revealing of what

Is appropriately obvious, the skill of the

Earth to make this change like easing

Into a very hot bath, has its own positive effect

To go with undecided options, and the surprises

Are as telling as a convenient level of permission

At a workplace that is dangerous, if you need

To have explained the nuances of the story

Then the reference will not be telling, when you have

Enough books to go through your mind it tends to

Color the filter you observe into, and each

Difference can be the best added ingredient one you

Try it, once a shift begins

The water will not stop running downhill


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homing in

answering the demolition of a theory

of a long standing belief which has not

ever seen the view from on top of that kind of past

is like the story which practically writes itself

in the beginning but by the end

is a disjointed collection of ideas

with characters wrapped around them

stumbling through a few events

which push everything forward

and can not accurately define milestones but instead

roll along on a not bumpy timeline yet the instinct is to always go downhill

when the struggle is of course very real to those who aren’t as well off as the governor

who looks like he has never missed a meal while torn down people who exist without a

home are being vilified for bothering to be here at all

and the street is an uncomfortable place to live

but the biggest issue crushing people in the world today is

mental illness and it effects those who have it as well as those who care about or are hurt by those who have it and it is an incalculable adversary and money does not want a happy ending


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deny comparability

don’t know whatever inspired me to
even try to make it this far but
now here we are and who is surprised yet
you and i keep trucking along and
coming across things to swerve around,
often we avoid confusion and confrontation
maybe because we enjoy time at home more than
parties from dusk till dawn again,
animated was last nights conversation
ridiculous as we almost always are,
applying the ideas which just opened its eyes,
believing in you is my favorite pastime,
if i even see you my energy rises up,
like books on a shelf i remember every one,
if i knew where you were back then i would have come
this way running
you are my fervent dream
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nothing farewell

nearby the end of the accomplishments,
off in the corner of an ambition,
those endings which are majorly unsatisfying,
have a bad effect and
in time reveal the dark desires which
nobody hopes that they saw coming,
groping like you are in a place with no electricity,
from far away even the city looks small,
a few moments can change a lifetime,
resulting in a lesson un-imagined,
entirely too little happy positive moments before,
we don’t remember that untill we have to,
equal  to the times we wish to forget,
like the days before i met you,
like a different lifetime ago
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collecting despair

coming on strong and
overwhelming like a wind that wrecks your home,
leaving after work that day as if
letting the beast out of the cage and
empty food dish for way too long,
coulda hypnotized my own self on that one,
taking the words out of the language,
instead of out of the conversation,
nothing can bring it back together unless
good influences keep being reliably sturdy,
daring movements are preparing a future path,
inside the name of this action is the motivation,
stay in the lines and beware the forcefull change,
playing off the action the storms prepare you for,
analyzing gifts or accepting it for what it is,
if you don’t know what to do then why bother?
realization of how good life really is
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imperfect healing

in this instance i am not surprised or impressed,
much of the time it takes a
play in the game of real ingenuity,
every next challenge is a reality to keep on
reasoning out the complicated
fruitless search for some systematic and
equalizing factor which
can make all this worth going through yet
taking the challenge head on is
having a much better effect than sweeping under the rug,
exceptions to the rule is now the rule and
absolutes do not exist, except that is an absolute,
let the days wash over you like the knowledge
inside a book you waited months to get to,
nobody tells you what to do and they
get what they deserve if they try to
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multiworld story

when the sound of nature is what
wakes you up and the need to move is definitely debated,
while comfy-ness and warmth are the closest thing
to dream right this moment and nobody gets
this close to me except you and when that happens
it is like a ray of sunshine bottled into a moment,
an entire meal and a nap compressed into that
first second i open my eyes and you are right there
and the feeling is like the first time you got
what you wanted for christmas crossed with the best
birthday present to date and standing under a
waterfall is just as exhilarating and at least half
as intense while the perfect song in this instance
was already on but i didn’t know it was the perfect
song yet, besides the fact that i never could
have guessed that here is where i would end up
and look at this life now…  wow!
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uncommon animal

as the start of the day commences it
is uncommonly quiet around these
parts, no single story has arrived on the
page yet so here we are waking up the
ghosts and seeing who is still alive around
here and what did they do in the first place,
this is not a common area to have even been
from much less connect with, afraid that the
desire for too much excitement will win
and so where do we go from here and yet
even staying right here and sharpening up the
afternoon should come as a surprise to whomever
knocks on the door, arranged a few last
minute warnings for the whole circle as if
you didn’t know already, when somebody knows
they did you wrong, if you see them again
they won’t wake up so pretty, and the good
times follow up with a sunset and a howl at the moon,
holler at the moon, howl at the moon
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