Today tonight tomorrow next week

of the moment when I have to leave

I can’t speak

I close my eyes to see clearly

I wrestle up a dream

the time to act

has come and gone

and even you don’t know what you mean

equally tough as a fool is rough

and a difficult fact to face

don’t even out the odds

if it works in your favor

the feel of your breath

on my eyelids

your hand on my arm

if I could

I would freeze this



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if there wasn’t a

drift in the words

that caused a question like why

to happen then

all of the learning wouldn’t be a

changing of the autumn

but sometimes you see the subtext

clear as if

it was the difference of two tropical

fish and yet

other times a length in the

silent whispers

and no snuggle

goes without a mighty kiss

no hug

for a short period of time

and a pair of hands

that seek each other

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pattern events

I cannot explain

unless I compare it all to sound

because our holding

hands while I give you time

is a litany of volcanic hymn

while the flavor of our

just letting the river of darkness

take over our car is

a beat shaking the speakers and

laying down with you for a nap

is the glazed golden voices of a

choir that grasps your mind

yet the best is when you

open up and tell me how you

feel and think

like chimes and piano as snow falls

sounds like a classical start

of a song that enlightens

like the gates of heaven widening up

and a most holy

train of notes

arrive like kisses

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Grotto breeze

Rustling around the house


rearranging spaces

and of course the occasional growl

slick surfaces and a humming

inside, though that fireplace doesn’t

cast its effect around

but from up in a pine tree the wind

agrees to settle down

and a calm dissipates into the forest

with only a bark or two

echoing the silhouette of light

portraying many symphonies of moon

only a cold dry breeze

Collects the sound

as this dusky trail grows long

the atmosphere is set,

seeing a hand,

hearing a face,

smiling about,

thank you for

coming my way

and prowling with me

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free mix

as a simple description ends

the scene on the page

blends with the soft notes

that seep in and each measure

stimulates the air; flickering in and

out of the drifting imagination as

curls of signifying music butterfly

about, the paths rendered

the exact color of the sound

and tickles of conversation are a

part of the stage as well as

lyrics that drift on this

wing-brushed air of supple atmosphere

between the characters

is hidden your ear

an invisible shadow

of mind which can

touch, smell, see, and taste

and also hear

how it all wraps together

the supple dream

and its deeper meaning,

its flutter by ghosts

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dotted window

little drops

go pitter-pat

and the liquid sounds

are coming slipping all around

but I am

a still animal

hiding in the forest

Because as I

slow my breathing

and try not to twitch

I must remember to keep in mind

that I lay here

guarding my princess dear

and trying not

to move a paw

so her sleep may continue

ont the

cloud I put her

Fiesta love

fuzzy blanket

orange rain

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if it was the Light

that woke me

it was not the sun

I had a full plate and I knew it

but the short time of a

cup of steam

scenting the air

with pomegranate green

and the toes are cold

but I cannot say how it

tears me up into little pieces

to leave when you want so bad

for me to stay

and to be gone for a quiet day

sent back but not soon enough

it seemed so long

an eternity

that couldn’t possibly end

like a shattered mirror

Put back together crystalline clear

even the blinks weren’t quick

the breaths would creep by

and the clock would lie

but I wouldn’t sit still

until I howl at the moon

with you

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target on back

prepared as the sun setting on

the horizon of orange

there is a flitter of whispers

and a gargoyle of lies resides nearby

while the cool breeze

reaches out to your bones

yet the power of the moon

sneaks up

something soft but soon

to bring out the energy of

a blood shot pair of eyes

and getting over broken years

of long ago

but now there is not one place

I will ever be afraid of

and I have my sharp steel soul

picking its own

bulls eyes

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refreshing air

blew in the door and another

bird makes singular calls

of in a tree while I blast out

and down the raceway to arrive

after a roam around

each corner tires squealing

making a fast move

up the road ready to growl

pacing for the wait

and then starting again even faster

than before

there is a finish line yet

it doesn’t exist this close to the

starting gun

Yet each time the window

opens it is a waterfall

of the split second slipping

into the past

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lost growl

told for a moment

to go home,

time stretches out,

the dog wanders and can

only find a way to keep

going, turn after turn, slowly

finding the way. He watches

each person warily, and can get

by just fine as often as he needs to,

and gets lost

but can be back

Where he should

under the moon,

there are never enough

lights and not enough

roads that go straight to where

the smell is familiar,

the trail is known,

each turn is more correct on

the one and only place where

the door will always open

and when it does

the arms will embrace

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