it was a dream

unlike any I had before

then I woke to be here

there are clouds

in the sky but

Sunshine in your eyes

and I already know

tonight’s dinner is

curry chicken with rice that is fried

the birds are singing

and the dogs are fed

yet I cannot help but

want to kiss you again

three is a lucky number

and tea is green today

and the peach juice is waiting

But I will do any chore

you desire

but let’s talk first about this month

or this year

you cannot take compliments

but I give them anyway

and often

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the delight

of your company

can delay me leaving

for any amount of time

the wonderfulness

of your laugh

can distract my brain

from intelligently finishing

the sentence that

I just started

the joy

of you

wanting to be near me


just stop me

from wanting to be anywhere else

ever again

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these embraces

have a way of transporting

and create a fog in

front of my eyes

everything becomes adrift

dreaming and seemingly

away and washing in this

wave upon wave rolling across a nerve

to start up making

me begin moving

first slowly for a

blink and wink

then the feel of breathing

then if I can

rise up enough

to meet your

lips with mine

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to have a

glance after the eyelids drop

I see a final glance before

the last light is turned off for the night

there is a gold to your face

and a curl of hair gentle across

your forehead

beneath the rose

is the light switch

that would break my ability

to savor this glow

yet no night of transparent dreams

will arrive until the

one and only

goodnight kiss

has been delivered

and you have been

sent to the relaxed realm

of warm and sleep

where I will meet you in flight

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the darkness woke up


a candle that resisted

coming to light

another passage of time

that seems to speed up as it allows down

and scary as the

details all stick out

tiny steps arriving in an instant

a wall rushing at you

with the pace of a second hand

on a clock

not a word

is going to get uttered

as long as

We get this trouble understood

most moments don’t want to be out meal

and the mouse doesn’t

enjoy being the cat and mouse game

the toy that is destroyed

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feast with me

let me see your teeth

the delicious lush

is here right now

and as I put together

what I can do

to show how much I miss you

I am surprised

by the bit of fierce

that comes to my eyes

I need to have

this fever of love

be seen

but she is not around

so I will

bottle my love

in this paper and

before this night is done

she will receive this flower

made from the blood in my heart

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traveling specialty scene

all the fools

and doomsayers that have danced

back and forth along this

rough but determined street

could not stop

my fuzzy yummy positive

race towards you so driven and

single-minded and all the prophets

and wise men foretelling

could not have prepared me for

your coming

an even if they had tried


trained me

for weeks on end

to understand and be prepared

I would not have believed them

not only because

I can’t realize or

get it that you are here RIGHT NOW

but also

I didn’t know

angels existed

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satin starry

Whenever we

cannot be apart

it is better than anything else

I could have ever done

much less done the night before

but if I could place on you

this most Devine glow that I see

that I could put

you in this glorious otherly world

that grows holy clouds of interstellar


that I experience in your existence

as our atmospheres intertwine

stumbling over descriptions

so I guess what

I am trying to say

is yeah





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every hour a watching

eye can glimpse up upon

the passing of time and

Across many thoughts give

pathways to define

the crossroads

was bound to be at the end

of our time when

a way could ever be seen

beneath the wooden door

hidden away in the floor

that allows us to escape

to the place we

can make time stop

when we won’t know

how much time passed

when we snuggle up

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thistle breath

all the complex redemption

that falls along life’s journey

is a washing sunbeam

that cannot stay for long

like the drift of a delicious dish

baking close to where you first smell

it fades

and the time spent when close

when we are together

Is easier to remember than

anything else that counts

because it means so much

a sound beneath my arm

reminds me you are still there


and I hope in a thousand ways

this night will never end

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