lessons learned

leave me alone
every time i want some quiet
somebody has to ruin it
stuck socially when the
only thing i want is
not to be here
silence and darkness would be perfect
let me be and
end this whole pretending to be like me
allow me to slide into the shadows
ready to disappear when the opportunity comes
never should have left where i woke this morning
escape routes all look like friends now
don’t need people, just need to be me
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select searches

silence in a brain can change your whole way
every day and night is approached
letting nothing get to you and
existing in a world of peacefulness
contemplating each action before
that step is taken
staying in the moment is a valued thing
everybody should know that lesson
allow yourself the gift of reflection and
relaxation at least once a day
calm is both a feeling and a skill
hold close to your spirit a forest’s wisdom
even the plants know life is like a great wind
so you either break like a tree or bend like a bamboo
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returning first

reveal nothing
every day just keep your mouth shut
then turn away if you have to
use your eyes and ears and maintain
risk nothing unless you absolutely have to
no choice should be without careful consideration
into every recipe is a litte bit of originality
needing someone to talk to is important
give yourself a gift every once in a while
find a way to work hard for yourself
if you don’t do it then nobody else will
radical people don’t see things the same way
stay strong in your beliefs
tests will make you realize your standards
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adverse direction

around the corner in a
doorway sits a bit of joy,
very fuzzy and just grinning,
equal times playfull and napping,
ready for a snack,
supporting cookies at a moments notice,
eager for attention or just a comfy rug to claim,
during the night a guard always on watch,
issuing barks when a sound is too loud,
roaming around while dinner is prepared,
existing just to be rubbed on the belly,
calming down completely at this foot of the bed,
taking a moment to slowly stretch and yawn,
its amazing how adorable a wink can be,
or some kisses upon first waking,
now you make a girl friend and me a happy three
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from inspiration

fear is a stranger in this house
rushing to just get the day finished
once i see you the energy hits
making you content
is one of the only things i live for
nights where you curl up warm and comfy
stay in my memory as a truly happy moment
playing lullaby in my head like a turkey stew or p.b.and j
if i could i would give you every present you want
responding to your touch
arrives with me ike a thousand watt generator
that feeling is like
inspiration and joy mixed together
often i come back from the edge when you see
nothing in the word makes me happier than you
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unsettled curious

under the sky
now fading from blue to black
some little fluffy white crawling out of sight
every sound just a little bit quieter
today was even better than yesterday
tomorrow will be even better
like a nice warm spot in nasty weather
enticing as hot tea and chicken soup together
did not even know that i played the right card
complete every task you put on your list
unless your mind shuts down you will not stop
rays of light blink off your black sunglasses
in your hand is mine
opportunity is writing me letters from next year
until i met you again i did not know what was missing
suprised by this glad future
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morning painfull

material object are no longer needed
organized rooms just need less stuff
running desires through the shredder
not that getting rid of stuff helps feelings
if something is wrong with your emotion then you
need to do real deconstruction and analysis to
get to the root of the issue
play the part of a curious detective
arrange a good conversation with yourself
increase the care and attention you receive
narrow  that window for acceptable behavior
face the future you want to have
use every lesson you have learned
let the tough times go on by
let the good times be remembered

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