determined tower

damn the luck, full sped ahead,
enter those scary spaces which
thousands of stars dwell in and don’t forget
every warning and shady places that
realizations which can make me
muster the might to follow
instincts and not let the sad stories win,
not everyone wants to go back to school,
even people who want to die don’t always want to
dive deep and don’t lookback unless you have to,
but now you know what to do,
only destiny is in charge now and
wow, is she more trouble than karma,
even the snakes know you are here now,
really let them know how awesome you are
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energies boosting

end of the street, a few things pop into mind,
not every memory is bad or good just
eloquent like an enduring story,
revolve in and around the pondering of a
great amount of deep significant experiences,
introducing themselves to the thought process,
equally impacting as the
shade under the tree or the strong caffine drink,
beneath the heat just keep on persisting,
once you have arrived here there is no return,
offering yourself up to the will of the future,
some terminology is more understood if you have been
there and know what mountaintop it comes from,
in those clouds rests the answer you wanted,
not one choice seems right untill
getting up every day is much easier to forget
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final connections

from now on only the
incorrect and not innocent conversations count
near the only section of water
always moving and never completely standing still
like a nightmare you wake from and yet
can not believe you fell back into
opening up a window after a long
night of dismembering freddie and killing michael meyers
needing caffiene is the understatement of the year
essentially the last straw is the most important one
cannot relieve any anxiety by
terminating the last thing worried about
if the most recent concern feeds into the next one
only the inner war seems undefeatable
new ways to fight the storm with my own light
staying thankfull for what worked right
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determining factor

daring and brave and just showing the ways
ending the hesitation and just
testing those waters before diving in and
every day will now be once again my friend
risking my future by being
more of a great person than ever because
it is the time in my life to fix things and do it right
nothing will be the same after this
inspired to be the change you want to see but
nearly broke myself years ago
growling about the past is useless like
fixing a painting you are just going to paint over
accessing the part of the brain that is reprogrammed
chapters of a book written but not released
take shape in the small area assigned to it
only when a levitating picture comes through can a
realization hit my mind’s eye
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reasoning account

resolved to come to the help of
eager people who waited so long to
address the issues that stopped that
sun from shining on them ever again
opening the door for a much more complex tale
needed to feel the pain of a heated sear before
it feels that much better to eventually heal
needled by the discomfort of a few hundred
gradually worse and worse decisions
and now it just seems like life just gets better by
comparison as if it were 2 completely different life times
can not even believe it ever drooped that far
only the past few years could have showed me so much
under this scrutiny there is only one choice
now you just dust off and get back up
there is only so many minutes in a lifespan
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providing inactive

payments that come from a soul are
reasons to make a readiness happen
over the course of a pondering can sometimes be
very scary if you try to challenge the future
implicating a broken scene far from the
destination but at least you know
in the tree right outside the window is the
needed signal to keep striving forward and a
good exuberance for the end of today’s race
important as the fuel for the fire is a
needle being heated in the flame so
a pattern can be created and a vision compiled into
consumed ideas presenting a story
that defines the mythology of all our lives
inside every tale is a much deeper meaning
vital as your touch is to me
every kiss is the rainbow clouds
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feast reposition song

for now the first to the plate gets the meal,
crying and denying,
every next dinner could be the last for a while,
crying and denying,
and getting up and getting out might
stay the best opportunity of this day,
there are unly so many days left so,
there are only so many days left so,
request as much time as you have to,
request as much time as you have to,
eventually we always get to end the story,
potentially things can only get fixed if they are broken,
only the very strongest come back from a brain that is
shattered and even the world isn’t the same again
it is not easy to explain to anyone either so
take a minute before you respond and think, okay,
if anything will be impoved by what you say
only crying and denying
in front of a podium
crying and denying
not only supplying
but conspiring and redesigning
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