If you are a woman
Growing fresh plants of knowledge in this world.
You are a jewel of many sides,
You are a goddess medusa,
And you do have so much ability
To seek the future of your abilities
And you know that willpower is your friend but
Your new skills you find over this coming year
That arrive to you with their friends,
Will remind you
To grab that incoming storm
Like it was the mistake you almost made,
And do not hesitate,

Show them who is boss,
And tell them the time has come

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Playing Dead

part of being the person they think you are is
letting the mask they put on you happen,
after last year they might have some fear,
you never know when things get
insane and then you must deal with that, my dear,
nearby the collected
giants of consumption are very
dedicated to the greed that made them,
even though that
allows the frustration to find this correct target,
dying people all around the
tortured societies get to feel the effects,
organized for the benefit of deadened souls,
defined by the decieit in unkindness,
as you escape the ignorant unworthy,
your enlightened mind knows what it needs

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daring the year to become
increasing in challenges and ideas,
something rising up in the theme of
pain and discomfort and slowly begins gathering
lean momentum trained in the fire of last winter,
allowing the temptation of knowledgeable words
yearning to be set free from the
discipline of time and the prison of silence,
expressions conveyed like
coming outside like a violent hailstorm or
only showing care for someone because you worry,
not thinking about it too hard like
someone who only gives people attention
that seeks them out in the first place
really speaks out about an incredible level of selfishness,
untill i explained it i was not sure that
calling someone out would make anything better,
the agony was there but not inquired about,
in time the clock will really be seen ticking
on the edge like a river moments from overflowing,
now is definitely always the time

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Connection lights

taking a moment to realize the goodness of
having someone here for me
even when i feel myself slipping and i am
caught between the great mood and the dark times
only you can calm the waters and bring out
nights calming blanket of sweet sleepy connection
nicely compared to the relief of anxiety
evry morning when i wake up and you are still real
captivated by everything you do and
then i know i am grinning right at your face
inside my brain i curl up happily at your
open arms and i want to give you my everything
none of our days have been uneventfull
letting me into your life is the best day i ever had
including you in my days is like ice cream birthdays
go ahead and ask me anything for i am hiding nothing
hold my hand while i rest my body
then we can whisper until we fall asleep

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Begin snow fall

beware the thoughts that
end your hopefull energy you must
get the idea into morning light after greeting midnight
if you do not open your eyes the dawn will find you anyways
not one more day or minute without you
shall be had unless the time denys it
nameless songs we sing
overcome by the changes that transfixed us
when the future is suprising
fate was just the name of a game nobody played
after the younger years there arrived a few swerves
listening to the wind stir up the tree
liking the feeling of taking time to compliment somebody
if you ask me i would tell you exactly what i think
not that it is different from any other day
grow to learn and love

                                 ---begin snow falling----
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Deep sky life

diving into the ocean up above
empty the mind as puffs of white go by
effortlessly joining with the blue aura
passing by all the stages of both depth and height
see this existence from the removed detatchment
keeping the rest of life from reaching
you when a time away is vitally important
like a needed escape
in the realm where only so many sounds exist
vital to the understanding of how small we all are
in the grand sceme of things
nobody is perfect but you sure are real close
getting to know you again has been a great joy

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However travel

happenings which people avoid
on the occasion of a deeper level of movement
while the time will not seem slower
even if the good times are planned
voices rise up the the back of our mind
equally satisfied and fristrated with this moment in time
reliving these tiny amount of closeness
working to make life as great as it can be
easy to forget how difficult this stage can be
tomorrow should not even be thought about today
rediculous as that idea might be
as the years worked so hard to be just like they should be
venom was removed from the events of the past
eager to commit my mind to the new way
love is a dream i still hope

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You can

every day is a test
every life has its challenges
when you have come back to a
set of circumstances that you recognize
you can have belief that you will perservere
because you have learned much since
you have been here before
and the road is not the only thing that
has been run over before
you have strength even if you do not feel it sometimes
you have abilities even if you do not feel like it
find your best way to recharge your battery
and never forget
you are the connection to the energy flow
and always remember
there are people you inspire
even if you do not know it
and the tallest tree in the forest may be power
yet was once a tiny seed

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Deep stories

during the night, the world had

ended our comfort level, and when our

easy life finished dying we had

placed far too much trust in the

empty midnights that every house

remembers when waking up to,

some days remind you how much

the night is where you prefer,

on those occasions you ponder the sorrow of

realizations you have never gotten over, confused

instances of a far more innocent year,

evade the crushing desire to

stay far away once you go on vacation,

numbers never have as big an impact as lessons,

organisms of every sort learn instincts;

when will humans learn thier consequences?


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after the “once upon a time” you dreamt
up while we were or weren’t here again
but now onto a mountain you grow slow groove like
maybe you knew you were or weren’t supposed to
be coming
over the times listed the person and where they
were meant to go and be
whenever a modern likeness has
shown you whereupon the elevator was and
“only” was a word we endured as well as “should”
on the roof in the basement or out by a park
not a single time we went out and i doubt you
of an often leaning tower of
meaning to be there or a
should have, could have, would have
type of late night free style
that gets there
but then
beware, beware, beware

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