Starting again with a long away journey
Long lasting night and a wonderful symphony
Blasting away any previous theory
After busting a territory of thought
While being out and about
Being a zone all of your own
Turn the music up
Take your medicine my friend
Make a play and discuss the next step
If you know me then you know what I mean
Take a breath this is more than just a dream
Its super realistic and its gonna blow your mind
So be careful only take two at a time
Or just jump back make tracks and switch yourself
Places that you don’t even know anymore
It comes up often how much you return to shore
Make your way
Beautiful stories your own soul tells you

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apply dreams

all of your life comes forward
progress is mounting
pushing back all of your inner cosmologies
like a face that must now be recognized
you see the symbol that goes with your vision
daring your mind to show you even more
reading your mind like some ancient lore
every meaning verified and brought to your psyche
and received as a fusion of sign and symbol
making your spirit see images awaking the radical shift
so you observe the new plane of world consciousness
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vaingloriously here

varied as this time has been
around the corner waits the new way
in a choice or two that can show you
never doubt that there are people pushing positivity your way
get out there and show your stuff
laughter is the best medicine but
only if you laugh for no
reason do you really need medicine
if you ever hate your life remember
our greatest fears are the mightiest enemy
under each masterpiece is a doubtful artist and
staying the course is the challenge we all face
like the rabbit who thinks he can win the race
you know why that turtle always wins
home is when all the limbs are pulled in
eventually you surprise yourself
right at the moment of greatest despair
ending up succeeding is your inside message
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a reminding longing

a twisted tale of reborn beautiful spirituality
ready for a changing year
every new direction is a new evolution
making the slow strong way discovered
intimate warm and
natural way of completing the growth
daring to frequently double check the
infusion of all my earth connections dissolving
near the edge of justice and disappearing
grasp those last confessions of the
long lasting minutes which
only the heartbreak of a
never-should-have-left-so-early parent
gets the hurt that will never go away
in a hidden wound which explodes ambition
never will forget the loving memory of family & passed relatives
going to value the present and deep undertones
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The existence of a

brilliant and vast amazing energy

persisting in you is real.

Try to forgive

all those ignorant

and hateful fools around,

and just drop some wisdom

with understanding souls

who get it.

The truth is for us all.

Know thyself

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sympathetic revenge

so the sun comes up
young energies are rising up to fight as the
many thieves and liars grind the good people down
permanent grudges just show how small you are
and we are light years beyond that now
tickets to a show you loved and didn’t know it and i
have only one wish for all of next year
eventually i just have to get out and get on it
those hesitations are exactly what you should avoid
if those really successfull types know when to take action
commonly it is you who inspires
reminding people to keep lit the fire
evidence of the effort expended
versions which change depending on who tells the story
evolution of the delivery of our news
novel ideas like truth and being yourself
got to raise the bar and deliver
every next goal builds to the final destination
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respect required

revenge has left my system
employing a different tact now that I
stay aware of the disappointment i avoid yet
pursue the justice i see the future holds
empathize with struggles of every size
coming around a corner with the power like a flood
taking out tall trees and distracting energies
ready to emphasize the turn of this new page because
each of us forced to chase income as if it was
questions that rise up like really bad perfume
underlines the broken parts of the society
if you have to ask then you are in the wrong
repair the things that moved mountains for you
endure every day to get your time
don’t doubt i will do anything for you
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