wishes undelivered

while a few hours pass
inside, a whole new realization comes in
shifting how a person gets thought about
happy memories tinged with slight regret
enough time will not ever go by
surrounded by what could be of some comfort
until young eyes say goodbye
now that old memories seem like photographs
dim settings seem so very calming
everyone needs silent time sooner or later
like the ones who need extra time to heal
include those you care about in your communication
value what you have when you have it
evoke the best in others by
remembering to be that best version of yourself
equal parts grace and fortitude then
death is not something to be afraid of
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very considerate

vital as those words must be to me
each end of day is far too late
rain or shine, the dark night is home
younger years meet the prowl of hunters
coming to terms with those who know which
outcome is when humans harm each other
nothing can teach a lesson like failure
so then something the underdogs know all too well
inside a broken mind the
deep cracks think the inhibitions free
every dream delivered with some hot sauce
running so ragged that the nerves get destroyed
and when the engine is dry it doesn’t stop
testy choices that require swift action
endure through each day’s brand new race
don’t divide and conquer
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painfully internal

pursue where you want to be
allow the clouds to part when they may
indications of where you know that
nothing can stop you unless you allow it
force yourself to function even in tough times
unusually long days
like a song that jams extra beats
laying a soundtrack for the evening
your mind cannot resist just such a thing
imply the use you had for your energy and
new inspiration is a truth unavoidable
torn in half but you still get back up
each time a lesson like the time before
risking these changes similar to driving too fast
not that any corner is the same thing twice
around you is a very enclosed space
locally known as an inner city romance
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slightly existing

should a doubt rise up and begin to
let yourself find fault with anything,
if you concentrate you can crush that,
get out of where your negative thinking
has often shown you where you are broken in
like when you get out of that last relationship
you needed personality superglue
especially if you want to get back up and move on
x is the spot in your heart where the treasure is buried
if you know who you still are then you know what to do
should the end of your days arrive
then be sure you are not going to fall short
intensify the movement to existing goals and dreams
normal life is too boring for you anyways
going to bring you exuberance with every effort
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hopelessly comfortable

having a piece of hidden sunshine
or ten minutes out of the rain,
probably helps most when
ending the day you have nowhere to go,
lending your love with nothing left to give,
exist just to remember what life is,
stay on top of those waves
show your heart and follow its lead,
like a final dinner and a last request,
your privacy has been long gone
coming from a neighborhood which has no home,
often the instinct is to not sit still,
making our days become nights
fighting the relaxation and getting
organized whether you like it or not,
right when the water hits the rock,
torn between a duchess and a noose,
as the answer is presented to you,
by a mountain, across the ocean, or right next door,
let your home be where comfort dwells,
every day near you is a great song
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a mistake secured

across the room a
mighty release of the tension pent up
inside the mind over hours of
staying as even-keel as possible
touring the interior of my own little kingdom
among the final rays of the last days
kitchens are already preparing
every little morsel of a very long day
stays with you when you never had anything like it
evidence of a much harder time and place
cut from the ways that others avoid
under the radar of a final choice
roped into a donation of effort
ending friendships until thier evolution moves on
dedicated to what my heart concludes
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defined attachment

do not pay attention,
each thing that could make moods go south,
fight the urge to give in,
introduce the common element to
new understanding of internal life,
evidence of a creeping need,
desires to feel actually wanted
are like a mountain trail you can never find again,
that only hides from you when you need it,
taking a test that you yourself invented,
after enough alone time everything becomes new,
capturing a thought becomes a challenge,
hate is only for the weak,
make the strength gather momentum,
each touch like a recharge of the battery
no friend can take the place of
the memories i have of us
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