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the delicate services

to the hurt there is no reason, no way the soul can heal how can any see revenge as anything but the evil path Every holy message or spiritual book knows to not kill an innocent deep within downtown there … Continue reading

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Today was a giant tornado And that was the last thing you need The lake sees the abandonment of a cloud And the trail Will let you know That we are as a test  would be to ourselves It is … Continue reading

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yes, it can think for itself, just a moment, the curtains are parting, the egg is hatched and the crowd destroys all sense of abandon, it can actually be aware, crashing through the palm trees and the alleys, accountable found … Continue reading

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hold (bone ten twenty three)

but what did you expect to say? one day you wake up and you’re not on top of the world even your bones have bled the plants you cared for have all ended their lives by going out the front … Continue reading

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grief and glory across the air the sounds ruminate playing an instrument like a person while the drops come down from the sky you broke the sea within me and made my sky return to the weeping but nothing seeps … Continue reading

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not knowing which way to go like a weapon fired blind higher level thinking can only reason out so much like a cat scouting a fish for some bites to take but sustained on the chase more than the meal … Continue reading

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all the blanks that I filled in as the date is what numbers I see after the cause has happened and the choices are limited but the frustrations are endless so to aspire and wait as the little details filter … Continue reading

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walking a few miles as the day last a little too short a weeks worth of experiences is coming together in the accepted way of a melted ice cube and the clouds have all gone away we are not as … Continue reading

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Everything is easy It all makes sense And all the world Can laugh at the obviousness It all seems so silly That dropping every technology For just one week Makes you jump the gun And take it for granted That … Continue reading

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if you

colors and little dark stillness stars pointing in every direction making the ceiling non-existent founding a spectacular waiting room for the dance of life a dark silhouette is amazing in its secret language the turning point and incredible way that … Continue reading

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