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change direction

can the evening become home vacation and having a awesome amount of hot chocolate now that the outdoor world has become giving a change yet also equally as cold as an ice cube doing a warm soup and in the … Continue reading

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bruised sunlight

Beating today, Ready but defenseless on our own road Using the shade as often as a Infant needs to be held Shy little moments of the music of winter Evoking many quick movements Dunking the cookie in hot chocolate top … Continue reading

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the delicate services

to the hurt there is no reason, no way the soul can heal how can any see revenge as anything but the evil path Every holy message or spiritual book knows to not kill an innocent deep within downtown there … Continue reading

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our own individual world

Only so many minutes left before the night joins Us and we get to traverse the gloom Riddled with happy connections Orange and yellow circles on the front window White veins and green stems straight from the field No hesitation … Continue reading

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raindrops and candy

Reaching up to the lamp Awake at the music of a waterfall Inside the next room is a hot tub filling up Nicely relaxing smells of cotton and Dropping sauce all over the roasting vegetables Right out on the fence … Continue reading

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reminded to live

Recall a found art piece that was mine Effort required to stay in the normal realm Making so many memories occur again Incense that helps with the collection of Nights filled with laughter and candles Deep conversations about dreams and … Continue reading

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into the evening

Innocent little snowflakes Meeting in these tiny last flowers soon Taking our few next minutes to bite On the bit Of chocolate and pull the blanket up Treating this evening as a hide-away day Having no place to be and … Continue reading

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