The world is

filled with people

who have bodies

that are awake and

whose souls are asleep

and love and inspiration

slow dance between.

Only the insightful hear the music of the hidden Devine

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when every thing is stolen and all is gone,
you recall the last choice before everything has vanished,
there are only so many seconds to make that decision
before the window has closed,
and after that
the end will be coming with no other option,
when that moment arrives,
the blood will rush and
the many energies will begin to rise up,
and that won’t be when you should hesitate in any way,
just jump the gun,
better to be somebody to run the race
than someone who just ends up watching,
the beginning of the trail
is just as important as the very end,
nobody anticipates the fire,
but when it happens you have to be aware
as much as be prepared,
when you know exactly why you are fighting
then every part of the struggle is important,
like a set of muscles all working together,
just make sure you have a back up plan in place
for when you are called upon or even surprised,
because everything can change in the blink of an eye,
kind of like when you
wake up in a jarring and jolting fashion,
the way that snapping out of it
with a jump
can really make that moment the light upon your fuse
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gradual sunshine moon

growing up with so many people,
right in front of you in line for
all of the attention and first to receive things,
directly downhill for bad occasions,too,
under the wing of a leader there is only so much room,
across a month allow gifts to be received,
like a set of birds trying to revisit the nest, or
some burn marks that heal far faster than others,
under a layer of clouds you cannot always see the moon,
nearly every time you come home there is
some reason to not sit down and relax,
have that pressure inside of your brain and
in the intensity you know how to prepare,
now that you understand noone’s time is yours,
expert as it makes you ony take care of yourself,
maybe this will be the chance to think of
others as much as you think of yourself, because
other people might be a relatable asset and
nobody can do everything alone
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taking off

nevermind what you assumed
lets go with what you learned
there are only so many ways
and days to have to look over your shoulder
before it loses the ability to protect you
this day and age
people prefer to do only what they need to
or what they have to
not what they are required to by outside forces
while acting they way society says they should
they  are inside a sea of troubles and turmoil
there are ony so many ways to address that conflict
while the average person will not be as strong as you
plenty of times you will have to pretend to be one of them
or suffer the consequences
and after the knowledge of not reliving or revealing
who you are comes forward
then you should just know
that some want to know you and some do not want to know you
because they do not want to know themselves
when they just take from others
without doing the work
then that means the closest they come to being the inspiration
is being the thief
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when you are beat down and so very strangled
you tend to doubt yourself and many of your instincts
there are people in this world
who are born in suffocation
and never have a time without pressure always on
and applied hard
it creates a sort of simple torture
an aching process
that can cause enough questioning
which can hold down the growth of a human spirit
and they feel it the most
those buildings still stand up
no matter how hollow they are on the inside
and the people who live inside
are in a very similar situation
everyone gets broken in thier life
in some kind of way
but when these hard times come rolling
there are the ones who are broken
and ones that break back
if the toughness doesnt come through the fire then
it dies there
and then the timer starts
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interesting rising

in the dark of
night a glowing light begins to arrive
taking a moment to slowly grow
entering the area where watchful
red illumination sits over
each rooftop and around the corner from every
stillness of a soundless shadow which has
intense feelings on a blood color dot that
neatly hovers from spot to spot
growling in its haunting quiet
reaching into darknesses with a mute determination
in that removal of security inside unlit rooms
stalking the moon shadows
infusing a tranquil scene with tension
nothing is the same
getting fear of other people out of your life
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remove adversity

reporting back home after today
every muscle finally relaxes and
multiple eyes greet me gladly
over the couch or behind a plant
vital as water are your kisses
enduring a day to enter a night
after i will never be angry again
donating my life to a duchess of attitude
vindication of the acts done to me
eventually a piece of my mind
reconnects the faraway places i find
secretly calling me back each year
intimate naps and silent soup
though paying a price by playing hero
you know i think you are spiritual catnip
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