Entering alternate life

effort matters if you have something to do or not
normal isn’t some idea that really matters anymore
tranquil times have now ended
eventually excuses are worse for wear
rediculous reasons we come up with for anything we do
inside a devoted number of people who
need to have a person who cares for them be very close
getting over it like a critical injury to the heart
access to my inner self was so wise
let your guard down enough to remember that hurt
take a minute to be where you were when it happened
everyone has at least one moment like that in thier life
redeeming my soul has been
not any fear of trying things the crazy way
across the miles i know that you felt me
telling you complaints is the only fear i have at home
equal right have never really existed
letting me know how much you care is all i need
it may never happen but i understand that now
for each day passing more of the mask comes off
ending every day wanting your love

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Proportion deceased

paying the price for living this way
ruined by the selfish people who played
options against each other all over the circle
passion that belongs to me will not be allowed
often as the passing of time is observed
right when you are so ready to die
that you are no longer afraid of anything in this world
inside minds a calm universe can be created
only if you show compassion will it be returned
needing to feel some connection is a common
desire that happens to
every person at one point or another in life
capturing what it is like to acually have someone
each time you know you really need them
across the years a few lessons follow me everywhere
some people that you want you will miss forever
eventually there might be a little comfort there
dive right into life the no matter the temperature

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And see the forest

as these beginning conversations
nicely droop across the air at work
doing my best to not show where i live
soaking a heart in the hopes that barely exist
eventually that same road is where i go again
each hour i remind myself to be sure and
tell nobody about our little thoughts like spiders
hanging around every single place i go and
everything i do has bits of thier web in it
from now on i will just watch my words very carefully
offering only an opinion if it is asked for
rough as everything is, i am made of solid stone
every night i rumble harder than the night before
some moods depend on what the universe provides
today i pray to find the gift of relaxation

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Separate worlds

some of the moments that make up the
end of day
play across the mind like a movie
except upside down and in reverse
radiating light and heat as I prepare
arrival as the energy is ready to explode
through the door and up the road
explanations not required and set to go off
wasting time is no longer an option
off in the distance the sound of people rises
roaring in the ears from the silence
like a heartbeat after a long race
during those stretched out lasting eternal moments
songs that remind me i came back for you

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Calm and centered

Can not move slower than this
And the silence is as loud as can be
Little amounts of reflected light
Make stars glitter across the tall room
Anchored to the air of stillness
Now that there is the biggest full moon of the year
Denting the sky with its massive face
Collecting the shine to spread around the land
Empathic minds brighten up experiencing it
Nevermind what happened last year
These hands are not what they once were
Even the environment feels tenderness now
Right now I have a great future ahead
Exit all the judgements and enter the mind
During these nights I dream gold

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Good groove

And then
At last
When the final sun rays
Of the day arrive
It is stunning
Like cups of coffee and pumpkin pie
Like back porches and fireflies
The meaning of memories
Are a long lost
Friend I didn’t know I had
And the best way
To say I missed you
Is right here next to you my dear

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1 learn from your mistakes.

2 look for happy rememberings &.values

3 find your good niche

4 be in control of your existence

5 be in control of your finances.

6 believe in yourself. everything will b.o.k.

7 let loved ones kno they are loved.

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Decide unconventional

do not doubt how easy it can be
ending up just disappearing
can you believe that one day you are just gone
into the future and people wonder where you went
decide to move forward and
evoke the way that you really wish to be
unload all those past regrets and
needless worries about what
could go wrong and instead make it all go right for you
only so many ways that the sun can fall on you
none of the beauty can be seen by eyes that are closed
vital to being recharged is
each person who can give good energy and experiences
normal life is not what you wanted, so
test the borders and make attempts but have no regrets
if you don’t live to the fullest you won’t know what you are capable
of and then you may someday wonder what should’ve happened
now get out there and grab life hard
across the years and each moment that you want to
love what you do

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yours is the face
I saw in my dreams
and I have to see
if you exist where I have seen
I am looking at the shiny surface
of my watch
to predict how long it will be before you
let me be near you again
there are stones all along the mantle
and a onyx night is out of
the giant pane of glass
and we do not ever want to leave
beneath the tree was a
tiny box for that long ago
and we have to finished our drinks before
it is time to show the
customary gathering of our senses
into a relaxing tub of comforters
if the statue by the fireplace
has the amount of movement we both will show
as the wearing on of the light
may I tell you that my best memory this year
is being with you from
that first night we met


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Seeking attention

show me how much you can care

evidence you are here for me

evoke the emotions that I know you must have

keep the good energy as close to your mind as you can

include me in your future plans

not that it would be that hard to picture

growing out my hair to hide my face because

almost eye-to-eye with my own goofy smile at

the thought of you wanting to be here in my life

taking a minute to think about every direction

every way that an impacted year can go

nothing is as fun as these nights out

torn between partying harder or laying off the gas pedal

in due time we shall balance everything correctly

off in the distance a cold wind rises up

nudging us up inside & below a blanket so warm

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