dismay leaning

do not make a path
in the way of someone else’s future
some of our best choices
may find a way to become our worst mistakes
across the years you have to find out
young and old we all have very similar
lessons to learn from the errors more than trials
eventually you take your wisdom when
another person makes the bad day better
now you see once again
it may be the early bird that gets the worm
nobody warned you that the second mouse
gets the cheese in the trap
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make a new path
in the way of finding a good thing
now is just the showing
of each new direction
right in time for the next wave
place the doubt far away
and let yourself know
carry on to the last week
ending the years of displacement

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distance preferences

don’t question the wind
it cannot tell you why it choose this way
stay away from stopping the river
toward a point of joining friends is all it has
always beware of trying to protect from snow
nothing but covered ground is safe from gravity
careful with lightning too
even if it know you it may not recognize you
perhaps you also have a friend who
really moves unrecognizingly fast
ending the past far from the future
for each time you go out
every day is different
right now you do not know if you will become less tired
empty your mind
needing this time
coming full circle
ending that reinvented itself
sometimes should come to pass
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I am an idiot and I love you

I am stupid and I love you

I am ridiculous and I love you

I am a genius and I love you

and I am amazing and I love you

I cannot tell you I love you

I am living with you and I cannot tell you

we are in a relationship and

I cannot tell you I love you

we are boyfriend and girlfriend and I cannot tell you

but I love you

and I wonder who has been in

the place where I am?


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ART touches that

part of us

that exists above

the struggle for

survival and beyond

human reason.

Art and beauty

have the ability

to nourish and

refine our souls

They not only

bring pleasure, but

also profoundly elevate

our hearts and minds.

When touched by

beauty and art,

we place a

higher value on

life and all creation.

The ugliness of

destructive behavior becomes

apparent and loses

its appeal.

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Will you wake up? There are enough
People who are walking around as if in a
Dream. Eyes open but still numb and
Unable to give you a reaction without running
It through the filter of a worn down brain that
Can no longer see what it is like to get outside
Of themselves and observe what that is like.
When someone comes face to face with how
Much they live in a haze and are not aware of
The wonder of the world when the mind and spirit
Are fully realized, the change in how you are
Treated by the world and how you treat it is
Enormous and incredible. It is possible to
Have your whole approach to the world
Changed by a single positive influence, like a
Teacher who really knew you and what to say
And sometimes you can be that teacher, and
You can be the one to inspire, you can be the
One to positively impact someone’s life who
Really needs it. Do not be the one who
Regrets not being there when it
really counted

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When life goes into double overdrive
You have options
There is always
Giving up, but nobody chooses, unless
You have already been so beaten down that
You cannot face it anymore. And you can
See it in the look that ‘people have when life
Had beaten them down enough that they
Give up. You can carry on,
The same old way that you always have been
Without trying too hard to change it or even
Making any waves or trying tip stir up the waters, just managing to keep your head up enough to keep on going and that is the best you can do; but the reaction that would help the most is to put yourself into double time as well, and grab the chance to change. There are plenty of opportunities to deny, but only so many to really do things with gusto, and be a brave person facing the horror of a life unlived. It is your life! Don’t really treat it like a Christmas present you halfway wrapped and forgot to properly fill. Put all the fun and fireworks and fury and excitement you want in it, then wrap it all up in the rest of the calender year and let’s go! You are the biggest obstacle to your dreams so get out there and do your thing!!! And don’t let yourself down!

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