complete unity

compassion has not disappeared,
only in the minds of the hateful is it gone,
melancholy is not winning the war,
permanent sadness only gets a good roadblock if you
let it,
evidence of wisdom is real,
there in the face of a belly rub puppy or
every cat when deep in a nap,
utilize the ability to be centered,
nobody is without that skill if you try hard enough,
if the dark emotions come around,
then just sunshine them out and sing,
you are your own best medication
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requested calmness

reliving the fast approaching
enigmatic weekend where
quiet times and adventures will collide
underneath the supervision of a new moon
existing to make someone happy
simple to do like a cup of tea
terrible moods can be
evicted just by picturing your face
didn’t know what i was missing till i found you
completely excited by life when i wake up now
after last year i feel
like i can take on any problem
mighty is how you make me see myself
nobody gets my sense of humor like you do
even when we kiss i have to have more than one
sensitive to your energies i
stil want to do anything i think you need
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multiple worlds

may you never have to feel
unless in any road you choose to pursue
let every frustration slide on by
in the way melting snow disappears on its own
include a moment to be thankful every day
pick one of your passions to
let yourself calmly and slowly relax into
even out the times of stress with
working on what projects level you out
one bit of time can really assist
relieving those worries that can weigh on you
like when you lounge with a good book
dig deep in your mind for a real nugget of
serene quiet
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delicate kisses

do you have any idea how much you
elevate me with your attention
like a bottle rocket launch and
if you kiss me it
can feel like I am
almost frozen in a momentary state of bliss
then released with the energy to
easily conquer the entire world
keeping that feeling in mind can
inspire me to get right through a tough day easily
simple joys in your laugh and smile
sincere symptoms of silhouette softness
eventually the closeness grows to show
someone special can make your life glow

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massive passions

more of the time that matters
after this first incident
seems to come from the symbols
scanned off the pages of myth and legend
inside the stories that decode
very deep spiritual issues and dimensions
evidence of ancient people grappling with
problems by way of imagination history
and the tales of the ancients
shifting images move on cave walls
sort of dancing in the light of the fire
in the eyes of elders is the birth of deep thinking
on their tongues roll epic adventures of the ages
needs that form from dynamic prophesies fulfilled
sagas which guide with illumination
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memory advanced

my mind is like a giant river,
each rush its own temperament,
massive rapids exist next to small pools,
orderliness is not how flowing water works,
ripples play and whitecaps dance while
yellow striped fish hide in the depths,
additional flashes of color come from birds,
diving in and bathing with each other in shallow
vibrant patches of shimmering splashes,
arranged fixed driftwood like a piece of art,
neatly assembled by the
culmination of water and gravity,
ecology and environment in its own little world
days like this show why we should keep nature pure
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future awareness

formidable foes that make
useless the desire to implement
techniques and processes
untill there are no answers to the questions
reset the generally accepted
evidence that the danger waits
as anxiety had already broken new ground
while the first point of contact
already is reduced to a pile of ash
refined when the words came from all
exits which needlessly remained hidden before
now each frustration is demonic and waiting
essential pieces to a nervous breakdown
some days a million miles high
some times tall as a dime
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