only then did she

open her mouth

and he turned to look

but then, as thier eyes connected

she stopped,

it was as if a door,

then a world opened

as they blinked at each other,

an entire conversation that

started simple and was soon so

intricate that the words ceased instead

of spilling out all over each other,

after that there was

the moment when each attempted to

think of what to say and right

at that very second the crowd

started up again and

each one reached for thier phone

each one gave numbers

and eventually

together they embraced the night

and danced off

down the path of evening

to the tune of

stars and moon

ready to see wherever

it would lead them

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sometimes the thick fog

rolls on in

it seems accompanied by

fire and lightning silence

I can’t relax

the motion won’t quit in my tension

and I and my

get that just won’t sit still are

not going to breathe easy

until I am in your aura again

i twitch I quiver I sigh I

i rant internally I

plunge outdoors I claim walkabout

I roam a windy darkened

thought-chain up to the second

that your small words arrive

and I wait for this

time with you and two little woofs

it deeply seems hours are days for this

it is I who burn

a candle in the

darkness is all I need to feel for this

until you are in my arms again

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After the terrible

Hurts and struggle in our early years

the weather

died down

and somehow we can get to the

Top of the hills and see stars

and have a few more chances

at finding the sun and somehow

turn the corner

and bump into each other

and a million minutes later

when we curl up

for the evening it

is crystalline bliss

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I sit and hear you


there is no line that devides like yours

no storm no ocean no

river no state line no

railroad track no freeway

not even a mountain range

you picked a day to call me

back it might have been

the day after you met me

and you still noticed a wave of

happiness crush over me when we meet

and I lap up your

conversation, a hungry dog

finding water in a desert

I have an

overwhelming sense of

how to relax

when you place your hand on mine

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if there is a brace

to keep fun and funny thinking

making available the face

of magical kind of thinking

when there is still no

way to explain the song

but you know every note to come

and if the confusion had a voice

it was not done singing

but the moon doesn’t have

to be full but it just has to

be there and not gone

yet the bones are on the back

of the tree and the

way you give a birth to a ghost

it to see the person greet you again

there are words and

then there are moments that grab you

but nothing can change a Curse

once planted can only be lifted by

the curious hate or

the forgotten crime

and the road out of town is

like the door outside

but only the gifted really know the spell

and only the strong survive

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clouded horizon

collecting things with sentimental value is

letting emotion take up space

open up a new trash bag can be just as good

underneath a pile far too

distracting when the advancement of

every bit of space is important

directing you to clear up

have to downsize without desire

organize what should be given

right in time to value you

introductions that keep happening

zoo of demons hide firey inside of me

outside the door is a steel shield that is you

now you know there are no trapdoors

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moving branches

as the breeze kicks in

I look for a cloud moving in

there will be rain today

then the smallest thing is a taste of air

I will return to home and

make a warm welcome

to the room and a

broth with some freshly

chopped cilantro and onions

and these are tears of joy

because I am not going through my own

crisis anymore yet

I’ve given change to homeless people today

and I have bought a drink for

a person who needed it

But I am thinking of you and

have concern for you

being safe and healthy

by the time I see you again

and the leaves are stirring up

and singing this song

the wings of the trees fluttering

the drops voice a pitter patter and

there are cool moves to the reaching

of the season showing

all the signs of new autumn

and I will be ready when

these leaves change more

and nobody can love you more

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forever moment

could it be the moon is

out there talking about

the need to get out and keep on

working the air

across the rainy day

from your shiny eyes

while an evening awaiting

the arrival of some yum and

you like the flowers you keep alive

to be seen from

the bedroom window

and we enjoy a coffee

when we see the river outside

do you think we could

see if sometime between

full moon beside starlight but

right up until the pail of sunlight burns in

down to the moment when

I can tell from every look on your face

that you enjoy

a long song of quiet

and silvery shine of a

lovely lonely night

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to be consumed

by some separated time

or a very separated idea

on a volume of times apart

and what was gotten out of it

could it be that the water

passing in front of the moon tonight

is the secret time you dream into

while the minutes

of stillness pass

Any other rooms you are a close as this

I have a good golden feeling

to carry across the abyss

into a dark curtain of next day’s release

and as I make an orange drink drop

down my throat as a

matching color sunsets around

the last place we talked

and I miss you that much more

till you come home

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brooding and piecing together

the course of action for

my minds festivities

upon the open floor plan of

a million and one seconds

this time will consist of

before we return back here once more

the stillness of the air outside

and a lunar darkness that

rides the wave of chill

right up to the frame of the door

silently letting me know that

we are trapped inside here for a little while

And there is no reason to be

anything but comfy and immensely grateful

For you and the fact that

we were close to each other so long ago

yet so many miles

and years are gone

and here we are

being close again

the best is yet to come

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