nocturnal information

nobody is as  grateful as those who
openly want to live and
coming back to the feeling
that an ending is coming up some time soon
under the disguise of  a
relief from the horrid existence we all suffer under and this can become
notes with a song that was all about upfall
and once you see that you will need to
let happen what will happen on time and
in due course like a
night time rainstorm cooling off the rooms
formulation the eventual next step in
our collective story which nobody will
recommend unless they have been in those shoes before
maybe the ways we are same are greater than your differences
around the same time we lost an hour
these nights remind me to grab the year
include the love from each garden grove
open the calendar and be exposed
now wrap your arms around me and don’t let go

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visual misleading

vital as the tall glass of water
is the need to be touched and get to
stay permitted to actually feel something
unless you do not want to show it or talk about it,
after the clouds part,
light can be too
much or even sometimes not enough but
if i wear a smile inside i may just
stay positive all through the day anyway
letting little things get to you is a sure fire stress
even late night quiet conversations
accomplish not enough if the are not done consistently,
defining people by what they can do for you
is even worse than defining them by what you think they should be,
nearby the rocks which can drive you mad,
getting out and about is good for the soul,
staying near to you is good for the heart
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nobody sneakiness song

near the top of the tree
over the rays of the sun and a few
blooms which recently came out
on the wings of the new burst of spring
dedicated to the energy that lifts up
young sprouts and tiny bits of needed growth
single color for each little arriving
nifty petals and leafs and
eager animals
awakening in the brightening of the season
keen interest of detail which wasn’t noticed before today
intimate meadows and sprawling forests with
nights cool and calm as an
effortless nap on a fuzzy blanket by a fire
sharing the warmth and any drink you ever want
staying true to my heart
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broken information

beneath he layers of last month’s
returning confusion is an
origion of those questions answered like a
king masquarading as just another farmer
entirely new experiences in every common task
nothing can compare to
inspiration that comes with laying on your back in an open field
nobody around for miles
fresh air flowing all around like open water
only here can you see this many stars and
right next to you feeling so close is the
moon and every sound is loudly modified
and no sour mood or bitter poeple get out here
time becomes a slow cloud moving
in my hand is your hand being kept warm
once that happened nothing else matters
now i know what future to aim for
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final information

found in a place that made the forest
increasingly disapear when the time advances,
now that the two sides see each step
advancing to the destruction of our
last chance to address which direction we choose to die in,
incredible as these deadly choices are,
nobody chose to think about putting on breaks
from then until now,
or if they did it seemed like not the
right time or perhaps too much trouble anyways,
maybe when the revolt rises up an eye or two will open,
aroung the same time everything begins burning to the ground
there will be people racing around the shadows,
if you feel it then you must give a damn,
or you may see the end coming
now that there is a knife in the back
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apply directionality

after the first quarter hour awake
piercing light becomes the energy
putting motivation in each next move
like a beast persuing the prey and the
young and the sick better get out of the way
don’t want anything but the best crushed
into this growing appitite
released to the hounds of
eternity on the wings of an escape
currently chosen to find the path of
the towering bird made of molten fire
in this night sky like a shooting star
opening the rift of a horizon’s edge
nothingness even fears this tiny sun
after a morning like this who knows what is next
like a sunshine beam that is just what you need
it is only you that can raise me up
this is the year i waited for
you are the empowering crystal
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dismay arrival

do not worry to much
if the agony overcomes you more than once
stay on the mindset of what you should have
make the strong connection and hold on
and nobody can change you with out you being there
your mind has become stronger each day
always point towards tomorrow and
ready your game face because
rolling through the countryside and
is the final destination for us as of now
very glad and
as if we could kiss forever
let us get there
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