song for attempted letters

as the words pour out of me like water,
this is the takeaway from our night where
third time is the charm as they say,
empathy to all those beings around anyways,
make a nightmare go away with numbness,
play your part and do not show your cards, miss,
terminate the terror that contacts you again,
especially if that means dancing with your ghosts,
digits on paper are devoid of meaning,
let those who want to escape their  life do so,
ended last year on a good note,
tough as bricks when the big storm hits,
there are only so many options at the end of day,
eventually where we end up is where we play,
really want to know how to make it always right now,
so mix up in a brew a good portion of me and a whole lotta you
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prepared evening

permanent and hidden and frozen
right down inside the valley of
evenings we are lucky enough to hide away in
picking the exact few hours to believe
and the unseen forces were always there
ready times are preparing for the future and
energies have been constantly gathering
drawing out those who can feel change in the air
evidence of the awareness we all share
vital components which convey awareness and understanding
even the venom in a smile becomes obvious
not being confined or rewarded ever
in the culminating stage of development
nights like these have their own aesthetic pace
growing into the trance of a candle glow
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sure would be as unusual as
possible to have received
the kind of treatment
that happened and when you ask
that the ones close to you
have been able to be there for you
but in an unusual fashion
the way that they disappeared
was only so far from what was
you were always told should happen
and if
you can heal
but the hurt
the pain
the feel
the fight
and a wonder
a worry
and i do not want to die
unless i am in a place that
does not even know where i am
coming from
or my name
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wintery displays

wishing the placement of frost
is keeping us inside
near the heat of a blanket and
tasting a long summer smoked turkey soup
each hour like its very own national holiday
raising up just long enough to refill
your cup or update where the next nap begins
dedicated to giving you every last wish
insuring you do not have to do anything if you don’t want to
settling in to your own little comfy curl up spot
put your feet up and show your nifty socks
let the time stretch out like your ice cream snack
and have those yawns of afternoon be shared
you are here for me and i am here for you
staying here forever is my dream
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perhaps functions

placed in a town like a good time wandering
evidence of the unpredictability
right now seems so far from the past
having been on a crash course
and then just changing total trajectory
playing with my personal history
should i need someone then a different day will come
future me will be thankful that i do
unless the firestorm inside envelopes me first
none of this year feels real to me
coming face to face with so many memories
takes its toll on the endurance
it will not effect my timeline arc
once the generated display has had its day
now to avoid all these other little robot beings
so i can concentrate on our tiny homestead
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the choice is made.
the decision is struck,
the end of
outer layer assumptions
met a terrible doom.
there is more than
just a tide that is turning
it is an actual larger feeling that is here,
like the moon itself has halted its axis
for just long enough
to alter our course across the ocean of time
like a broken compass
that found a new magnetic draw
and it beams the invisible energy
to the overwhelming oncoming collisions
coming this year
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song to a voyage

placing your hand on the calender
to represent the change
which must have been there the
whole time but avoided like a hawk in the
meantime and always out there waiting with
a goal and a dream and nobody really
gets to hear you sing you just keep on
being tough and caring a whole bunch
and maybe even way too much but who
will be there for you when everything
crumbles and you fall through as if it
was more of a risk than you ever thought
because even a flower can be unwanted and
even chocolate can be poison
no matter what happens keep fighting on
with will so headstrong and nobody can
stop you when you know what you want
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