Having agreements…

hope is a friend not everybody knows
after all that has happened to the
vital corners of a heart so bruised
impatient to reach out to a time so crushing
near the end of the bridge
getting a sign that the flames are right behind
as people rise up to fight for what is right
gears grind in the machines behind the scenes
rolling cogs now see more than they did before
even the forests are a place we cannot hide anymore
every place you thought you could escape to is in danger
move the drive to get things done to right up front
effort counts for a lot when
nobody can predict you
take a moment to be thankful then
stomp that negativity into the ground

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sure would be as unusual as
possible to have recieved
the kind of treatment
that happened and when you ask
that the ones close to you
have been able to be there for you
but in an unusual fashion
the way that they disappeared
was only so far from what was
you were always told should happen
and if
you can heal
but the hurt
the pain
the feel
the fight
and a wonder
a worry
and i do not want to die
unless i am in a place that
does not even know where i am
coming from
or my name

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Deep currents

a place of peace, a shot in the dark

bleeding and breeding, plotting, supplied not denied

who you are is the person waiting calmly in the world

of those who see the country change and make no mistake about it

such are the city dwellers and the country fellers

telling time by those who make a day so long

as if sleep were an unwanted commodity

as the priests play on

in their happy and guilt laden song

and the circles go round and round

as if we played in a similar tone

if not the same


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taking the moment
over the trees the small lights
like dots of shining revolutions in the sky
because a lesson has to be learned
there are people who dig for years to work and
find the one piece that many answer the question
and show them the path to thier learning
in whatever it is they finally uncover
and there are people who look
through tubes of glass and metal and calculations
to find out about the past that was
a group of energies that are no longer living
but still reach out and get a teachable experience
down to the opening eyes of a few who search
and all of them are doing what you need to do
by exploring the illuminations that your own past
can reveal to you if you can just be open to
the understanding of your own buried or far away
incredible personal nature
then you shall find exploring yourself
is the wisdom and lesson to guide you best,
take heart in the fact that if they can do it so can you

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Okay, so, listen.

Life will give you roadblocks.

And there will always be side trails.

And shortcuts.

But always remember that you knew where you wanted to be when you started this path you are on.

That you choose and have chosen.

Please please please do not forget,

you are uniquely you and made your peace with yourself when you began this direction.

Do your thing

Make your dance.

You know who you are.

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facing the way that i know it should be
inside this decision that you made
needing rest and relaxation to continue
during a night which can decide everything
including final choices of the beginning of this year
nevermind what wishes you have brought out
getting out those words which have boiled inside you
definitely time to have this fiesty conversation
incredibly quiet and full of fire as you become
show the feeling which you have anticipated
through a wait which showers the mind with questions
ready for whatever revalation you will show me
after this month all the query time can
come back strong and bring along some friends
timing is important when the walls of heat are crumbling
i am not sure what the news will be
out of patience and not wanting to stay but
needed desire to be inquiring in a slow fashion
so i will do anything as long as you are happy

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Impacting us

if it was last year at
this time exactly then all of the
ingredients which led up to this
moment would be the mudslide that
people never saw coming
and this was as far as the
campers knew after it was
taking too long to be the kitten day
information that helps you
not keep up with the times that
getting to know you even knew
unless we just keep together and at that point
some of the best times of our life lie ahead

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Plan morning

particular times make me wish for the past
like the sportscar years or the all-nighters
always drinking black coffee and
not getting up until i lit a cigarette
nine bottles a night was not a surprise
in fact all of my friends were in low places
nobody taller than a dime was a friend of mine
getting the next night’s beer was a
major priority around these parts
only those in the night shift do not think ahead
remind myself of tomorrow’s schedule today
names and dates never stuck around very long
inside my pain was a giving
now inside my mind is a fire
getting me motivated in a better direction

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The voice

true as a hunters full moon can evoke
heat that even the second winter breeze can allow
entering the months we get along with most
making the best of everything
across the abstract collection of choices
some hidden songs, a late night wait, a sign
taking the short road no matter what
even the roads know, you must have too,
ready finding a fight to get through
some tiny tastes that only so many people love
very bright nights make the travel better
only this and the embrace and kiss i have been waiting for
in the split second you might steal a kiss
cannot even begin to describe
each time i pictured this behind my eyes

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Helpful shadows

morbid curiosity rebounds
across the many pages written and read
keeping on the blank expression that
is not where your mind currently is
numbers can tell a story like words do
get the right homework done before the soul
does even begin the class
it really, of course
shouldn’t be that people can so
closely hold on to thier first ignorance
often people bond while being raised up
vetting out the opposing opinions revealed
enduring a last ditch effort at connecting
red showing up on every pine tree
it is that time of year
everyone learns something new
shadows of yester-year

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