I feel someone I know needs to hear this today. YOU! Yes you are like many women of power, in that your supernova of powerful energy cannot be held down or contained and even the roadblocks and speedbumps which can occasionally dampen the light best get out of the way or be burned up into ashes or thrown into the past. No person that anyone is in a relationship with, be it personally or family, should make you do anything but keep evolving into the kickass being you were always meant to be and there are people who are sending you positive vibes to power that soul into the sun filled height that it will always deserve. You must never forget that

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Conversation grow

grow more into this spot
raised to do the right thing again
ordering the best food from my favorite place
while i stroll i can recall
interesting times in this part of town
near where the water fountain once was
gotta stay cheerful like there is not a choice
candle light in a window and
open puddles reflect the moon’s face
needing to absorb as much fresh air as i can
very in the moment but something is not right
even the paper and pen do not look right
reading the words i wrote
something looks different than i ever meant
alone on a walk just like always
there is no sign telling me where i am
identify the direction by where the mountain is
on my head there is no hat
no shoes on my feet

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finding the moon smiling down again

introduced to the eve like a dear friend

now getting to see something you missed over and over

associated with history and memories

letting each new experience

remind you why life is so very precious

emitting the glow of a brand new view

motivated to go where you are needed

on the off chance you may also be remembered or

valued like the lucky coin you always take with you

and special like finding a way down the mountain

letting the river choose its own path

sing a little song to the birds in the trees

introduced to a few beautiful hours

generate the goal needed to arrive

not content just being alive

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like a predator sneaking out
under a sky of blue sapphire
my thoughts turn to you
in the cold of the evening
now that we are circling each other
often we end up here
untill the stars say otherwise
saving every wish for this rainy day
stalking the calm relaxing
keeping you in mind
your time is my greatest wish

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plying the trade again
roaring down the emotional highway
energized by these distances covered
someone fearlessly by my side would be nice
evidence that i am disconnected from most
nevermind how many people i have helped
circuses like this do not appeal too often
empty your pockets and walk out the door
until you return you will not need anything anymore
night diamonds will be what guides you
knowledge being what is your true north
nobody can tell you what to do any longer
order yourself to think as if you are not yourself
wishes exist to remind us who we are, like dreams do
none of your past can effect you unless you let it


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New view

You would never guess
How easy it can be these days
To find the way
To poison yourself
And get away with it
Deep in your mind
And so many people have
Chosen this path
In the body or in the thinking
But let me assure you
That breaking out of that habit
And making a commitment to
Live a better path for
Your mind and body and soul
And really sticking to it
The exit out if that dark tunnel
Will surprise you,
And life can be a good experience
Once you accept the path you are on IS your own
And meant to be
And gather strength in that


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Collective connection

Prepared but still run over
And made to hide how you really feel
While the past is curling a flame
Around your toes and
The present is squealing tires on your back
After the past few months of
Aggressive pursuit and shifty possessiveness
During a collected hate of being alone
But many ways to avoid people you know
Even if there is only one day left
In the last week of the year, my dear
Yet here you are, not bearing your soul
Until you think that your life is perfect
And you haven’t got enough places to
Sneak into to get away from all the
Poison the future has in store for you
And then this dog will have its bite
While a broken heart heals without any
Help or assistance left in the county
Or a job taking the following for a ride
Off the cliff
Into the ocean

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Obtain belief

There is a time before
This current experience where a
Few lasting events come back to you
And the ending of an era when we
Were all having a life changing
Experience at least once a day and the
Only time we were alone was when we
chose to be. It was an action packed time
Full of fun and adventure when all of the
Best times were piled one on top of the
other like a stack of pancakes or layered
when the great times happen like many
blankets laid upon the bed. When you are in
those years it can speed by so appreciating it
when it is happening is a vital component and
this is not something you want to look back on
and wish you had done. Listening to people
who didn’t appreciate what they had can
remind you of the need to be in the moment
and aware as these times become more
obvious when it counts, and after you
missed the chance to grasp the moment it is
Regrettable. You only get so many chances to
grab an opportunity, do not hesitate

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You have a chance.
Every day,
Once a day you have a chance,
A chance to give some one a happy feeling
Just one time
That one day
It might mean everything…
And every day
You have a chance
At least once a day,
You have that chance,
To give your self a present
You must give yourself that permission
You must give yourself the present

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Reaching up to the sky
Effected by the sound of life
Voices of all nature getting louder in my ears
Easy attention on every motion that occurs
Like a young owl learning what senses are
after taking a break to cherish the day
Together with that experience as if breathing for the first time
In case this time needs to be kind to you
Off the charts what happened to you is so true
Nowadays being scared is the new normal
Define you by your own standards and beliefs
And remember to be yourself to
yourself because people will want to distract
Life lines from completing the path till the end
Including those who are supposedly on your side
Getting it Right means staying strong within and
Having the ability to help others and your own mind
To accomplish all that your fire is driven to

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