having agreements

hope is a friend not everybody knows
after all that has happened to the
vital corners of a heart so bruised
impatient to reach out to a time so crushing
near the end of the bridge
getting a sign that the flames are right behind
as people rise up to fight for what is right
gears grind in the machines behind the scenes
rolling cogs now see more than they did before
even the forests are a place we cannot hide anymore
every place you thought you could escape to is in danger
move the drive to get things done to right up front
effort counts for a lot when
nobody can predict you
take a moment to be thankful then
stomp that negativity into the ground
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evolving surfaces

each day is a different boat trip
very different oceans as well as changing storms
overtures of the direction life is taking
like an itch you cannot find much less scratch
victory just mean now you find the next battle
important things to remember always
need to come back to you
grow in your knowledge often as you can and
stay positive even in the face of disaster
useless as stress is it can really motivate
resist the urge to look down on others
from now on instead of being angry
access the part of your brain that lets you rise above it
can you make people smile in the face of
evil and anguish or torture and sorrow then
share that ability and good will come to you
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anxiety relieving

all around the place you were raised
now there are obvious sights of
x-rays of the past that
increasingly keeps changing itself in these
efforts for a future that we have
that are effected by our fire and passion and life
yowling out the window at a moon
releasing the expression of a reaching out and
emit the power to bring in a prepared destiny
like a bird diving precisely for prey
introduced to a bit of next year early
even the stars feel like they aren’t ignoring you
virtually every breath feels like peppermint
important visions of the snow falling slow
near fog and low clouds and starburst lights
giant passions fill the starry sky
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Life will give you roadblocks. And there will always be side trails. And shortcuts. But always remember that you knew where you wanted to be when you started this path you are on. That you choose and have chosen. Please please please do not forget, you are uniquely you and made your peace with yourself when you began this direction. Do your thing Make your dance. You know who you are.

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missing conversation

more of the passions
if you dont visit here enough times
stay like the pain you remember that
stung deep and lingered long
interrupting the shadowy secrets or
neat dodging the accident that barely missed
getting by with whatever is nearby and
connecting through whatever means most to you
on occasion reprogramming the brain
nobody who tells you what to do gets
very far with that
energy makes you capable to complete the tasks
recognizing the last time you needed mercy
stay late so you will see next time coming
after the year you have had
the rest of your life will be a big relief
invitation to give yourself some down time
only the bed knows when you are coming home
nobody can predict you, not even you
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mystery destructing

make the choice to run out there
yell and make yourself heard
say the opinion you are proud of
tell everyone interested what inspires you
evoke the change you always hoped for
realize if you help one person per day
you will have made a whole city happier one day
direct your energy to the places that need it
endure the rough times to get the good
some days a calculated risk
that saves you from the terror storm of
red state medical treatment for the mind
unless you have money you are in for a ride
cuts and bruises complicated by frustrations
these times are a trial by fire
if it doesn’t destroy you it makes you stronger
narrow the window
got to shoot for the moon
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accomplice girlfriend

as the clouds roll in and
complete the new seasons greetings
carry the last few things inside before
organizing for a “stay home and
make inside cozy as possible” kind of day
pursue taking the long way to
little cookies of big cakes when
inspired to concoct something sweet and yummy
cinnamon and peppermint with smidgen of
eager pumpkin frosting joining in the mix
growling tummies smell the
increasing drift of hot and
rising flour meeting buttery chocolate
little mushrooms the color of last years fire
five drinks in and the fun begins
reminded of a game we played many weekends ago
instinct says we might
end the night the same place we started
near each other staring up at the ceiling
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