as the night
came in to greet me
I shook a past year off
and I stood up and made a toast
to make the day clear
and I have seen a lot today
the seafood was incredible
even though I was far from the ocean
and there was a shadow falling
I had seen a thousand people downtown
in the city that keeps
a full mile underneath of it
I had a great day with a
few drinks in my body
and I have been around for many years
I do not have the words or the way
to thank all my friends and family
for the years of
being there
while I get a few more hours under my belt
and I remember the high school years
fun and trouble and snow and bonding camaraderie
I remember the college years
full of times I think of if I can recall them
and the past ten years
of becoming able and wise or at least better
if not better off
and the talents I have are being used
to make me happy
and the people in my life
I hoped and dreamed to have them in my existence as I got on
in years
and there doesn’t need to be cake or ice cream
for a birthday to fulfill wishes
and the night to be the best one ever
because I can relive, and enjoy
the whole last year
happily so

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This is the day which
Nothing can be the same
Young as this autumn is
There are no questions and
No problem will stop this time
No bad day exists anymore
And I am thankful that
I have been able to help
As many people as I could in this world
And as low as I was
I still feel lucky

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putting my mind at ease by
allowing positive thought to be
included in the workings of my mind
not just today but every day
then the midnight vibe swims right in
inviting the darkness like a third wheel party
narrow roads are for the brave
growing up in the cold has its own set of rules
endure a time of the most toughness
make your thoughts like a suit of family armour
only you can help my post-experiences blues
the one thing learned is
i should go from emotional to no emotion at all
or just stay true to every power i know
need to think before i speak again
so i can make sure to observe the reaction


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madness inferred

made to see myself through someone elses eyes
after that even one more
day to see and appreciate where i am
nearby are the souls experiencing
eclipse and thier elevation may be a
slightly new experience but i
still live here
in the realm of higher consciousness
making at least one person enjoy thier day per day
pointing out the good
like a gypsy dancing in the dark
if imagination and love was pure music
each day a dream
doing the best i can for your desire fire

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Placed on top of the mountain
There are only so many options
Available at that point,
You could attempt to travel down
A long path between the sharp rocks and
Icey patches in order to join up at the bottom
With everyone else’s confusion,
Or you could sit at the top
As the stillness takes hold
And stop where the air has been calm
In the kind of meditation only this place can bring,
But you could
At the top of the mountain
Looking up at the expanse of sky
And drinking in the light and
Being lifted toward where the birds fly
While your spirit
Joins your mind with the clouds…
Such is life.

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making a wave

made of the air
a song begins right here
kept from the light all night
in an ocean of comfort
needing only water to get by
grasping the morning at the breaking of moonlight
after those dreams today will be better
wishes that come out like a shadow at dawn
after seeing you near my worries are gone
very good days that arrive like shockwave
every moment cannot move slow enough for me

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guided choice

belonging to something
entirely bigger than yourself
wishing for an impact that can have some
arranged agreement with what should be put
right in this hurtfull time in the world that
every one of us
gets to experience every time we open our eyes
unless you don’t go out and see every detail or
in case your mind does not get the news
devoting an entire year of work is
effort that is just a beginning compared to many others
don’t let anything drag you down ever again
can you be positive in the midst of persuasive evil?
have you battled the depths of meanness?
only your own mind can make life better for
instances in the future when misfortunes become cruel
can you continue to be
everything you know you can be, yes and yes

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at present

Only you
Could have brought me
From the top of the mountain
To the beach and back again
And I willingly go wherever
The charm of your distant heart will
Lead while the sight of you
In glorious memory is like the
Reflection of the sum off of a mirror
In the times we got together
I see our touch as the electricity of
One light that leads the way to a
Entire megaverse of happy and connected
Energy which fulfills and places a
Desire to never be apart from you ever,
No matter what happens
Yet I know that both of our
Relentless interconnectivity
Will seek each other out even if the
Land should shift and the wind will rise up
Even if the manipulation of time and space
Can make more effort than us yet the gods
Who are on our side know that our
Two souls are gems that are paired
Together for all of eternity through the
Ages and beyond,
For sometimes two are one

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tough road

sometimes life is like a sickness
or a trap
inside of the making of a realization
when you have found out who is there for you
and who can get what they want and not care
and knowing the difference is like a path
where the rocks are like glass
that shatter when you step
but the ending is in sight
and worth it
but if you know the injuries just add to your endurance
you will make it
but never forget to keep in mind
if you have accomplishments and dreams
do not pay attention to those
who run over your goals
just make your new goal
getting past it
and the sun will shine on your front door

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right now is the future
examples of where you aimed for
torn between driven and hostile
underrated ways of the land that
really don’t get to be seen by everyone
not all migration is really not embraced and
sometimes only the lucky get to be
placed in a spot where they get to experience it
eventually you see some people will never change
can the sitting down in front of a plate
inspire and show so much difference in the world
allow the hate to die
like a law that should never have been passed
then you know the only next best step is
you flex all your effort and put your back into it

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