attitude migrated

among the best reasons to re-evaluate
the reality of why you are
the way you are and what made you like that
if you want to change
then it is a very helpful step to take
useful if the past is what you want to learn from
different people each do it thier own way
enduring it can be the most rewarding day
mostly because of having so far to
increase capabilities before the goal
growing in ideas and newly classic days
resisting any help that is offered and
after crossing my heart i return to
ten years ago when the
end of a much simpler time when it seemed
death and innocence had never met
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outrage transfer

Opportunity is on vacation,
Utilized skill is buried under the wasteland,
Terminal saltiness is aboard every vehicle,
Redialed creativity might as well be
As rare and unusual as an albino lion,
Get a chance to be inspirational and
Every day you will have a bullseye on you,
That sort of thing can follow you,
Right on your back like a talented bodyguard,
Across the years it becomes a point of pride,
Nothing could stop you after a week like this,
So just close out those who cannot see that
From the outside tension to here with you,
Every touch from you is lightning shared,
Ready to climb with you anywhere

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compliment stormcloud

Completing the circle at the end of this year,
Opening a package filled with pictures,
Making a meal from so far away,
Playing a game without rules or pieces,
Laying down no longer a guarantee of sleep,
Incentives to work harder fading away,
Many of the days this month seem way too long and
Exit just seems like a delay of the inevitable,
Nobody calls anymore and emails all from strangers,
Tearing up paper a display of cleaning house,
Summer was tough and so is winter,
Temperatures not even the important part,
Optional choices are sleep and food these nights,
Ridiculous people don’t bother us here,
Maybe we should escape more often,
Completely ignore the world for a day,
Let down your guard and do what you want,
Organize your strength and stand up straight in life’s hurricane,
Unless we love cool and kiss and trust,
don’t know where I would be without you

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changes, same highway

coming across the mountains
having burned in the sun all blazing day
as heat was not the only adversary
notes of a song keep coming right on time
growing momentum like a train picking up steam
expertly taking the curves this road
slides in between these ridges and forests
snaking around theses rivers and cool meadows
accounting for the drastic shades and bright coloring shine
multiple corners open faces and landscapes of delicate rock
emitting the vibration of this spot
hidden under the surface of natures beauty
incredible silence except for the
great hum of leaves rhythmic shivering
high in the sky golden feather clouds cruise by
when one left turn can change a whole destination
and the best day is every day with
your hand in mine
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overlook chosen

on the power of one day’s concentration
vocal as a concert audience
energy has begun to rise up once again
red sunsets like a reminder about tomorrow
leaving the past in its drawer
otherwise facing the storm with no armour
only my destination matters to me anymore
keep on rolling right on through after
chugging enough beer and shots for a construction crew
haven’t stopped now and won’t anytime soon
offering up my life to make your existence better
signals which I know means I will always help you
eventually the waves crash together
need you in my life now more than ever

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Art, literature, myth and cult, philosophy,

and ascetic disciplines are instruments to help the individual past his limiting horizons

into spheres of ever-expanding realization. As he crosses threshold after threshold,

conquering dragon after dragon, the stature of the divinity that he summons to his

highest wish increases, until it subsumes the cosmos.. Finally, the mind breaks the

bounding sphere of the cosmos to a realization transcending all experiences of form—all

symbolizations, all divinities: a realization of the ineluctable void…

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tail chase

the things we remember after all the years are like
a furious wheel that will not stop
in the edge of our minds if it is enough impact
letting the mind know where not to go
can you see the next years end and
have you seen again your best friend
all of us suffer in our own way
stay the person you know you should be
every distraction is just something to avoid

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determine strength

divine as the passages are
even the sunset stops to pause
taking with it the only clouds
everywhere has its own voice
ready to take this moment for its own
master the urges to follow and
in the drops that come your way
now rest the motivation signals
eventually bringing you home
sometimes avoiding light can help
tearing through the time yet
replentish your weary bones
existing to feel what you always wanted but
nuisance is the yesterday you ponder
get going in the direction you wanted
take a deep breath and remember
how much you are loved
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a personal effort

a piece of time that can make
people you care about wonder and worry
error on the side of caution
right when the future
seems to be the place you always dreaded
only now you have something to aim for
nevermind the dreary past friendships
and maybe some of them
let others know once you are gone
ending the story that was captivating
from the mind of those who think and learn
filling the life of friends with ideas
only nothing can make you feel better
right here right now
time to say goodbye
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add a stranger

after realizing what you mean to people
demoted to the last phone call on the list
denounce the receiving of contact
accuse no person of anything you do
simplify and minimize your life and needs
try to see what is speaking to you in existence
rebuke all the future mitakes you can avoid
age cannot tell you when to finally be happy
narrate the story you want to see happen
give up on the habits that don’t work for you
evacuate the ground s that make you doubt
ravage that roadblock to your desires
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