completed puzzles

create the connection that
only using flame to see by shall produce
maybe the flickering will show
pieces that need to be put together about
little spaces in this evening
eventually putting out the bonfires of misconception
these branches of creation
end all of the assumptions about creativity moods
don’t even predict what could happen from here
please just stop having what you assume
use your brain for more powerfull motivations
zero in on what you are aiming for
zeal for the life when you receive caring affection
like when you and your partner solve a brain teaser together
either you communicate and cooperate or
stay supportive and weather the storm
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reasonably insane

right when you wake up i
easily predict where you are headed
across the flood and out of fresh air
simple sounds can sometimes say everything
offering a hand to your little familiar
narrow eyes because she talks back
after licking her paw and raising an eyebrow
beneath the light a bit of silver
lets me know if i should stand up
you hear my voice but i departed long ago
inside the kitchen a few plants say hi
naughty laughter lets me know you feel me
shoes would be under my chair if i had any
around your neck is the sweater i bought you last christmas
not every time, but sometimes when i cough you grab your necklace
eventually we will meet up again
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connection check-in

can not believe the memories coming back to me
owning a collection of things i
never thought i would ever even see
now objects i swore were completed by
entities i knew of
camping out on my shelf and can be held
twice i woke up thinking i heard something
interpreting signals to action that don’t exist
orange and purple hidden inside dark corners
not completely sure but i just saw an animal
crawling across from someplace i have seen before
here where i dwell it is either too hot or too cold
every day since i stole these particular items
came back from the store and can’t remember my name
kind of wondering what keeps happening to me
if i could remember the items sort of had a curse
not unlike a land you should never return to
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instituted dreaming

inside your mind it must always be
not too loud and mostly calm
so different from my own inner process
there are times when i just want someone
interested in my opinions or at least
taking a chance and going all in
untill i was broken i did not know
these reasons for staying so guarded
even then it seems if you want to have
distinguished souls in your existence then
do it and stop hesitating because each day or
really each minute is yours to grasp and
explore like a personal forest adventure
around the time you find out how
marvelous an aware spirit can be
it will create a different view in your mind
nothing seen will look the same
getting advice and learning from your own history
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growing conversation

grow more into this spot
raised to do the right thing again
ordering the best food from my favorite place
while i stroll i can recall
interesting times in this part of town
near where the water fountain once was
gotta stay cheerful like there is not a choice
candle light in a window and
open puddles reflect the moon’s face
needing to absorb as much fresh air as i can
very in the moment but something is not right
even the paper and pen do not look right
reading the words i wrote
something looks different than i ever meant
alone on a walk just like always
there is no sign telling me where i am
identify the direction by where the mountain is
on my head there is no hat
no shoes on my feet
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final removal sign

finding the moon smiling down again
introduced to the eve like a dear friend
now getting to see something you missed over and over
associated with history and memories
letting each new experience
remind you why life is so very precious
emitting the glow of a brand new view
motivated to go where you are needed
on the off chance you may also be remembered or
valued like the lucky coin you always take with you
and special like finding a way down the mountain
letting the river choose its own path
sing a little song to the birds in the trees
introduced to a few beautiful hours
generate the goal needed to arrive
not content just being alive
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emotional fossil

eventually remember those claws on my back
money is a demon that hides your thoughts
offers you an excuse to be greedy or proud
there are temptations to get angry daily
it isn’t possible to put me there anymore
off on the distance i see that in my history
nearby the connection recently obtained
answering a call from
little experiences
found when i peer deep down into my joy
only you are what i need in this world
silent kiss all the whole day long
shifting the entire way of thinking of things
intermittent little sunshine
lifting stress of my shoulders
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