expire indifferent

empty as the evening seems the
xylophone you play is my ribcage so
play it well and follow my rhythm
if you want to sing along then let me know
really give it your best effort and
each new chord you can pull out my eyes
introduce a new visionary picture so
now i can go ahead and play by feel
direct the whole body to be and seek the music
inside those young lyrics dwell
found indication of night-time impressions
finished wood polish you have prepared to
enter my chest and
remove y heart to make your instrument
evidence of the fire getting started
name the songs after the holes in me
these are the last notes i can convey before i pass
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momentary memory tempest

most of the time it is something
on the horizon behind me and forgotten about
maybe even blurry and lost some of the detail
evidentially the ones that hurt are
not as hard to forget as i previously thought
tomorrow is always more important than yesterday
almost every occurence makes me forget
red behind my eyes that
you know that i lived with for years
making me struggle to suffocate the hate
eventually planting the seeds of bitterness
more time needed alone with a pen
opening up and spilling out on the page again
releasing what was the anchor holding
you back from a consistent progression day by day
that last time i discussed it was the end of
every hope i had for finalizing the past
must be easier to forget for the abusers than the abused
permanent scars on the inside make me hate you
each time i see you
so now i have to get over that
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updated environment

under the fire there is the
piece of parchment that explains everything
don’t need it now that the information is locked in
as i have witnessed friends and siblings so close
then i realize i am the one who likes them the most
even though i have never been
Don’t think this is the same world i grew up in
except i know i recognize this town
now i see very different things in the details
vortex of memory has come back to me
of some effort is applied then you may succeed
rumbling down the road
only helps if you know where you are going or
not a care about where you are headed
maybe the key is who you are with
end of this week like a whole month away
nobody ever again going to treat me like
trash because they don’t want to see me bounce back
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complication readiness

correct what you did and
order the manifestation to begin
most of the next conversation is going to take
place next to the view we will never see again
like an island that won’t be there next year
introduction of a peace of mind to those last
complicated apologies
and making notes to yourself about
testing boundaries
in the realm of not being interrupted
only you could have possibly built for your mind
nearby the air goes from calm to excited
reporting back exactly how much change is needed
entrances to my realm are all closed
allowed people are already given permission
daring people strive in order to survive
you know which side you are on but
not where you should be
endure the requirements of idiots
should you ever be challenged by that tempest
simply beat back that storm
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return specialty

right now is the future
examples of where you aimed for
torn between driven and hostile
underrated ways of the land that
really don’t get to be seen by everyone
not all migration is really not embraced and
sometimes only the lucky get to be
placed in a spot where they get to experience it
eventually you see some people will never change
can the sitting down in front of a plate
inspire and show so much difference in the world
allow the hate to die
like a law that should never have been passed
then you know the only next best step is
you flex all your effort and put your back into it
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lost red atmosphere

letting the new experience come in as if
opening a door to an unwanted guest
sometimes a surprise is just opening your eyes
taking in all the details you barely noticed before
returning to where you fled from once again
enter the phase of the last days of your life
do not think this is a day to be avoided
around the time you need sanity you lose it
there are no tips or tricks to
making this go easier except an
open mind and honest communication attempts
should you want to make a change
place yourself in someone else’s shoes
hope can drive you just as much as
extreme experiences
rule the land of your own mind and
enter each day as a war zone for your love
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Forever live on.

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