Distance preferences

don’t question the wind
it cannot tell you why it chose this way
stay away from stopping the river
toward a point of joining friends is all it has
always beware of trying to protect from snow
nothing but covered ground is safe from gravity
careful with lightning too
even if it know you it may not recognize you
perhaps you also have a friend who
really moves unrecognizingly fast
ending the past far from the future
for each time you go out
every day is different
right now you do not know if you will become less tired
empty your mind
needing this time
coming full circle
ending that reinvents itself
sometimes should come to pass

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Closed window scene

can a goal be like a friend you miss
lifting the edge of a map to see underneath
orderly design is not how rivers flow
sure of this path but not the destination
easily decipherable patterns are not how tree roots grow
directions are like pieces of a puzzle
when the lost don’t want to be found
insight into another person’s life can be odd
not counting when someone can peer into your own
decide to change then follow it up
officials do not choose if they are ignorant
when guidance can only come from the voice within
sometimes bright mornings call like a distant cousin
complimenting on things that do not exist anymore
effect those who might not even know your name
now i see you wanted me to stay
eventually choosing to go together someday

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Only so many moments bring
People together in life and it is a day
To remember when someone’s soul is really reborn,
In salute to the best times you have had
In the moment when you are
First free in the world
And people gathering who are
Happy for that specific event, but thanks must
Be given to the power of positivity, for it is
So easy in this life to be brought down by
Another person’s unhappiness or the terrible drama
Or issues that constitute most of people’s life
But if you can come through at the beginning of
Every day by remembering that being alive is
Good and you are lucky to be where you are at
And have what you have, but more importantly
That every single person has had has had somebody
Change their mood by being positive and everyone
Can effect someone by being there for them and being
Positive, it is
A great day when this happens
And I try to do that every day

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Definition games

during the day a struggle awakens
envoking these dark days of
finding out how easy nothing will be unless
nervous times that need to have
intervention when the steep and dark clouds arrive
tamed the demons of many a twisted mind
if a warped soul gets out it helps to know what to look for
or at the very least how to stay guarded
now that walls cannot keep out your enemies
get wary and keep a close eye on your
agreements made within this world
molded from rough times and slivers of trust
emit understanding for what you see
staying frozen in one spot or idea is no longer an option

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Tasted inspiration

top of the tongue
as the finest drip comes slowly down along
sliding in a pure sugar way
that even honey wishes it could do
egg-shell white shining inside of a shadow
dime color grey reflecting a warm candle
in the sheer of the glass the liquid glow
near the wind blown trees a few raindrops fall
somebody turned on the heat or
perhaps i just felt you walk near
it gives goosebumps to you when i breathe
right on your neck slow and hot
across your fingers rolls an ice cube melting
the sounds you make are the only ones here
into a room where
on the occasion that we are this close
now i can pretend that you actually love me

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Believe in now

Not the power to destroy

Make a friend today

And see the future

All of us struggling

For the delivery of tomorrow

Do you know

How long you have

Because none of us do

Unless we choose to

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Await communication

arise and work for the future you
want and do not forget the
awful times will be over sooner than you think
if you keep on trying and
take the effort forward you
can find yourself unusually surprised
often in a world like this where
many people have killed thier politeness while
making sure that the peacefullness is poisoned
unless you are determined to rise
numb person after numb person will try to
include themself in your energies if they
can in order to sink claws into your positivity
and the strength to resist will emerge
testing your willpower
intensify your feelings
operating your instincts
needling your nerves

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Madness implied

made to see myself through someone else’s eyes
after that even one more
day to see and appreciate where i am,
nearby are the souls experiencing
eclipse and thier elevation may be a
slightly new experience but i
still live here
in the realm of higher consciousness,
making at least one person enjoy thier day per day,
pointing out the good
like a gypsy dancing in the dark
if imagination and love was pure music,
each day a dream,
doing the best i can for your desire fire


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Remember positivity

realize that you are
ending your past and making a new way
maybe you are finding yourself here
environmental touches that
make the night sky outside my door
bothers and sisters to the sun, moon, and stars
endure the cryptic sounds and
ready yourself for symbols of your life
put the mask on a shelf while you
open your eyes and see yourself correctly
some of the scariest times are when you are alone
if the wind picks up
then you are on the right path
implement the change you need to recieve
vital signs are good and
into the tough times we dive
the hotter the flame, the sharper the blade
you are my total eclipse

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We are the best pain

stopping for shelter,
the thoughts are ultimately distracting,
worse than anything that can actually be seen,
like a slow acting poison that seeps on in,
more disgusting than an addicted
homeless person trading a dog for drugs,
a really powerfull diversion can only
do so much
and bitterness is inherent in the system
when trust curled up and died before birth,
and no one,
even you,
can heal that wound
unless we can both
jump in the volcano

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