tick tock

there are times when the
sun seems to hide
the burning light and the air
washes over like a brand new year
everything hurts and there
are a great many scars
this river of time has broken
the roots of this rock apart
grinning as i speak through blazing ache
just pulling in air is a gift
and the mix of clock and actions
grip the afternoon like a arm wrestling contest
helping each connection weld
these interactions to the frame of
my rusted chassis and churning over the direction
of the final taste that
allows a calm sunset to
wink as the energy is
gone untill
that fire comes back with a vengance

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true as a hunters full moon can evoke
heat that even the second winter breeze can allow
entering the months we get along with most
making the best of everything
across the abstract collection of choices
some hidden songs, a late night wait, a sign
taking the short road no matter what
even the roads know, you must have too,
ready finding a fight to get through
some tiny tastes that only so many people love
very bright nights make the travel better
only this and the embrace and kiss i have been waiting for
in the split second you might steal a kiss
cannot even begin to describe
each time i pictured this behind my eyes

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put all of the worries in a basket
letting them drift off down the river
easy as a sunset going down
after the course of the wind has
shown true colors of this section of a
extreme range of the beauty of comfiness
romancing the path to our weak weekend
emitting the feeling of a final place of peace
leaking deep in your mind like an hourglass
aquiring a resistance to these everyday things
x is the letter of your least favorite medicine
intense as both of those pictures are
nothing makes me feel as good as
getting to have you here in my arms

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helpful shadow

morbid curiosity rebounds
across the many pages written and read
keeping on the blank expression that
is not where your mind currently is
numbers can tell a story like words do
get the right homework done before the soul
does even begin the class
it really, of course
shouldn’t be that people can so
closely hold on to thier first ignorance
often people bond while being raised up
vetting out the opposing opinions revealed
enduring a last ditch effort at connecting
red showing up on every pine tree
it is that time of year
everyone learns something new
shadows of yester-year

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no meditation

Each day
The destruction of so many passionate goals
Yet yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is not guaranteed
Staying grateful for every moment
Because nothing lasts forever
And nature bats last
Letting anxiety and tension
die on the vine
Move swift and
Pay lots of attention
But also keep in mind the times
And watch your back
The careless consideration of these
Modern times
Meant to keep you in confusion
With no disposition
And scared of confrontation
Like a stained glass window
That never gets light through it
We all are broken
On one way or another and
Some people heal and
Others are welcome to
Keep breaking apart themselves
Or let each day be
Thrown to the sharks
But nowadays those
Back alley hunters are
My bloody breakfast and
Doubt and despair my appetizers for
This year those
Damn sharks better fear ME!

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more tiny minutes

Peeling apart the day
Like layers of an onion
bit of brunch
A taste A snug A rub
Two little ones with four paws
Ice cream in my coffee
Cooking food in shorts
Singing a little song
To last all day long
Showing outside my good side
Can’t be mad at the side walk
That is just snow lemons
And a bitter filter
Can make a bitter person if you let it
There is no better way
to improve the day
Than a dance to your
Own little cave in the world
And a smile on the face
Of a flower that still lives
To see the moon again
Nothing matters

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staying the course and being
taken to the bull’s eye in the middle of the target
and confirm where this year needs to end up at
tension relief coming in the form of quiet
inside the mind little secret codes
complications sometimes designed by the brain
clearing the way for a reduction of frustration
only you can
really manipulate like good deal appreciation
remain inside the one-way dead-end street
exit stage left like a shakespeare ghost
coming up with no excuses as if a drill going deep down
the good news is each day is getting better
if i could i would send you vibes every day
on the occasion of our convergence
nothing like life’s beautiful delicious sweet sorrow


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Friday anyway

Well here we go
Another night not a wink of sleep
Tossing and turning the whole time
Buckets of sweat
No reason for it
Lines of Grey and blue shadow
Yawning across the ceiling
Busy pillows and
Indecisive blankets
Morning glow predicting the alarm
Like the wicked witch of the east
Rub the eyes
Green tea surprise
Up and at ’em
Gotta keep a smile on your mind
That’s what to do first
Just might make in onto your face
Try and Make it through the day

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determined to do the next speedy step
every time you start again
take hold of the choice and move on
each person has thier own way of
re-igniting the desire for change but you
must grasp action correct for the new
inspired direction to have any effect
not the worst thing to see you need change and do it
exist in a determined and single-minded view
dare to be the person with drive and passion
can you find a way to summon strength
have to chase down and catch that perseverance
off the playing field of a boring existence
information that was not your flavor
can still surprise you when it counts
even bad news can come with a silver lining

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to the top

grasping the dream that can only come if
only your mind is what can see this future
into the future with your head down and wheels spinning
not just turning but actually getting somewhere
giving it your all because you know you can
need what you want and actually aim for it
over the top of the mountain that was your adversary
when you needed freedom but didn’t know it
take this moment to claim your desires
on the occasion you grasp them clearly in your head
then you can picture how to make it happen
however you got here is not as important as
every step you take from this second on
take a deep breath and jump
offer yourself up to the wishes of your life
place your energies on the goals you will achive


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