finish line sprint

one hour was all it took
to figure out the steps
that must be taken to be
happy in a hundred days
and it becomes a very specific method to aim for when
the present situation is becoming far too much
to handle and when each new occasion
reminds of where the final goal has often rested besides
yet being aware of the end result when each next
step is attained and try not to do anything halfway
but if you work hard enough and get there
then every day will be like your birthday
and then if you keep that in mind it makes ambition easier
to find and if you let yourself get distracted
just come back to it

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pretty late

coming out from the shadows and
into the light of real understanding after
so long without a glimmer of hope but
isn’t it amazing what a little bit of someone
believing in you can do for the motivation or at
least a reminder that you are actually a person with
value answering the call
of destiny’s grey door
then finding out what your soul is woken up for
and what really matters to you anymore yet you
have to look inside and find out what gifts you will
continue to encourage to evolve and at that
that time you will learn what is known some
days are like broken bones
once snapped twice as strong when healed
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pretending moonlight

don’t ever hesitate to write down
everything that occurs to you because
time is of the essence
and a few more moments
might be the one instance that
can improve your outlook on the whole day
and it only takes one more little
moment to remind you what drives you
and supports you and what seems like
forever could actually be the last day and
nobody knew who you ever really were
anyway and then it would be far too late
after the fact is too far away
and not worried existentially
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checking in again

can you be there for the help which can
heal the wounds inflicted by
every new crossroads, over time, by
coming together then get outside your shell,
keep in mind how much we wanted things to turn out well,
if the temptation to fade away still exists,
nobody but you can fire up and make sure your soul persists,
getting a look around instead of at your own reflection,
it can change your wisdom base if you see clearly in all directions,
notify this realm you will change it all after,
and then universal knowledge can share the transfer,
growing in an understanding,
and you are the ony one i want to
intensely fade your way so you see
nothing else matters anymore
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ideas style sheet

introduced to a brand new fear and
didn’t ever know that it could be there before,
effort given now has a far different connotation,
added to the previously obsessed over, the
situation currently at hand,
symphonic undertones of implied indifference,
talking to nobody at all but
your self is playing both sides of the conversation,
like suggesting taking a cute picture with a large sharp blade,
every day is torture when you hurt this way,
should I perish I will still go away smiling,
had a great time when I was here, didn’t I,
even made a few friends and had a few parties,
empathy helped me as much as it hurt me,
this is my song of destiny

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relocation steps (a hymn)

ready before I knew it,
equal parts excitement and worry won’t let me stay put,
laying here wide awake at three in the morning,
opening eyes long enough to see through the dark,
cannot stop thinking of the next
amount of decisions which will be coming soon like
tongue hanging out, driving fast as I can,
in the direction of the goals and ideas I command,
outside the nightly silence is deafening,
nearby the mighty blue light begins to rise, the
solution to the hesitation station,
taking trips in five directions all at once,
eventually being attached to nothing,
perhaps you are my only inspiration,
staying under your same set of stars
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simple returning song

suprises come from where you never were,
increasing your first fears and
making each day like a tense conversation,
playing upon your anxiety like a used steel drum yet
letting the true relaxation sneak away into the sunset,
escaping like a prisoner trying to break free,
release the worry once you command your actions,
evolved past the cage you were raised in but didn’t want to be,
take the turn that fires you and inspires you
up and then don’t look back anymore,
removing the message your time arrived for and
now you know your number is up,
it will be this new age and change that fills your cup,
notes to a rhythm you wrote all in your head,
get as much done as you can before you find yourself dead
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