a personal effort

a piece of time that can make
people you care about wonder and worry
error on the side of caution
right when the future
seems to be the place you always dreaded
only now you have something to aim for
nevermind the dreary past friendships
and maybe some of them
let others know once you are gone
ending the story that was captivating
from the mind of those who think and learn
filling the life of friends with ideas
only nothing can make you feel better
right here right now
time to say goodbye
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add a stranger

after realizing what you mean to people
demoted to the last phone call on the list
denounce the receiving of contact
accuse no person of anything you do
simplify and minimize your life and needs
try to see what is speaking to you in existence
rebuke all the future mitakes you can avoid
age cannot tell you when to finally be happy
narrate the story you want to see happen
give up on the habits that don’t work for you
evacuate the ground s that make you doubt
ravage that roadblock to your desires
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deadline prey

despondent as the enemy can become
eventually the midnight enters
approximate occurence of the glowing mystery is
deciding our fates after the words are silent
letting the choice rise from our dying fire
informing our bodies to do what is needed
now that the age of horror has commenced
eager to deliver zealously by
placing blood on the blade
ready to serve your hunger
even delivered by meat and surrouded by fire
your cravings desire like a moon glow
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dictionary dreamer

designate the dream and make it happen
insufferable as life can become you can fix it
come back to yourself
thwart the obstacles and baffle foes
include the dodge of a predictable future
offer up good will
notice every mark you leave
and make the effort seem easy
remedy every cowardly illness
yours is the life of endeavor
dare to break out of the box
ready yourself for a mold all your own
elude the evil within other’s motivations
allow thoughts that astonish even you
maybe play a challenge game with yourself
entangle yourself in an enriching enterprise
recollect the beauty you recognize
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determined tower

damn the luck, full sped ahead,
enter those scary spaces which
thousands of stars dwell in and don’t forget
every warning and shady places that
realizations which can make me
muster the might to follow
instincts and not let the sad stories win,
not everyone wants to go back to school,
even people who want to die don’t always want to
dive deep and don’t lookback unless you have to,
but now you know what to do,
only destiny is in charge now and
wow, is she more trouble than karma,
even the snakes know you are here now,
really let them know how awesome you are
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energies boosting

end of the street, a few things pop into mind,
not every memory is bad or good just
eloquent like an enduring story,
revolve in and around the pondering of a
great amount of deep significant experiences,
introducing themselves to the thought process,
equally impacting as the
shade under the tree or the strong caffine drink,
beneath the heat just keep on persisting,
once you have arrived here there is no return,
offering yourself up to the will of the future,
some terminology is more understood if you have been
there and know what mountaintop it comes from,
in those clouds rests the answer you wanted,
not one choice seems right untill
getting up every day is much easier to forget
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final connections

from now on only the
incorrect and not innocent conversations count
near the only section of water
always moving and never completely standing still
like a nightmare you wake from and yet
can not believe you fell back into
opening up a window after a long
night of dismembering freddie and killing michael meyers
needing caffiene is the understatement of the year
essentially the last straw is the most important one
cannot relieve any anxiety by
terminating the last thing worried about
if the most recent concern feeds into the next one
only the inner war seems undefeatable
new ways to fight the storm with my own light
staying thankfull for what worked right
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