Personal independence

play the cards that you are dealt
everyone has to do that same thing
risk it all or just tip-toe through the mousetraps
sinking ships happen for a reason
open your mouth less and your mind more
never really believed in coincidences
all that you put in to life is what you get out of it
lean into the wind and don’t give up
increase the fight against any doubt
no sadness can win if you struggle hard enough
during your down time dont forget to dream
end the worry and the weight on you will be lighter
please those who are there for you
exit each day knowing you did your best
names of people who wronged you must be forgotten
direct your endurance in better destinations
equalize the attention you give your interests
no grudge or enemy should be kept forever
collect those happy moments and make life a glad song
eventually all problems shall pass

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Delicious suffering

do the universe a favor
every time you think that you know something
let the awareness flood into your system
ice that only warms up when you get affection
complaining never helped someone become
interested in what my heart desires
often i just have to care for my own
unusual passion for someone not so devoted
sometimes wandering the night so darkly
some home in front of a warm screen sleeping
using the pain in my heart like a
furnace on a cross country train
finding out your hate is dead will only fuel me
eventually i wil be claiming my own
return to mindfullness
include other experiences in your pondering
nobody can run away from themselves forever
get up get out and do something

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Inside the city blood

in the backyard saying hello to the stars
nightlights underneath the snow glow
sometimes the breath is seen and in the
interest of stealing a minute it becomes a dream
directing me to seek a silent moment of darkness
eventually you have to feel the moon shine
tonight i will make this air sing
hold my head high as i laugh
equally glad and thinking as i sip
coffee just to make my insides warm up
if we could i would fly us to warm beaches tonight
these days we stay where we are the most comfy
yellow candlelight is flickering and soft
because i want to be near your sleeping form
letting me finally wind down and rest
on the occasion of our hibernation beginning
our space is in a shared calm
doing the favorite thing of sharing time

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there are a few beams of sunlight
resting on my leg
as the final hour of work pours in
and I wonder about my friend
and where the time will happen again
to say the few words of hope
that a long day of struggle
and effort wrenches out of
a soul that can only give
so much before the worn-down
tiredness wins
each day you open your eyes is
greeted by the knowledge
that to be right here right now
is a gift that not everyone understands
and you know as well as I do
if life is like a slowly dying plant
then each flower is vital
and needs to be appreciated
life is a slowly growing tree
and though you cannot see its growth happening
it is no less valued in its
incredible aged beauty
endless and limited in its own way
as we all are…

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drowning in the venom of
evil words that fly around the room
single thoughts translating into
crude words that collide
right in the air in front of me
is that wrong to avoid negativity
psychology that leads each other
to the choices and energies and
intense occurrences that make the
very reality become what is around
every person is what they put out into the world
postpone nothing and get action oriented
right now we have a big day coming
offering up the blade to the beast
perhaps we have more time to plan but it doesn’t
happen that way nine times out of ten
every choice is a simple agreement
saying each day will be better than
you last one, so going forward is the easy key

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Inner piece

while the vicious cycles
rule the day
it means you have to find your own
flight path
because nobody can break you if
you don’t let it happen
and the happy moments that
can encourage even the most
hopeless ones
always start on the inside
and you have to have strength
even if it was the hardest walk
and you have to have hope
even if you don’t know where
you are going to get it from
and you have to have inspiration
even if there is no
coffee or ice cream or chocolate left
and you must
absolutely positively must
get up get out get something
because letting this life get the better of you
is never going to put a song in your heart
but being the best that you can be
in the worst mood in the worst type of situation
can bring you up when you are feeling down
life gives back to you what you put into it…

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Night blessings

north of the sun, south of the moon
inside a collected couple of conversations
getting the feeling around the final corner
hearing a future before it has even happened
throwing out these ideas we completed
bringing a brand new you out from under the skin
like a lizard growing younger and older both
equal amounts of passion and detatchment
stringing along my own array of discomfort
singing whether or not i am going to be mocked for it
instinct can be a very powerful motivator
none of the past few weeks are what i anticipated
growing wiser with each new experience
spiritual scars that can always heal

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I have done plenty of things
to deserve this kind of pain, but
this time, it isn’t me. I cannot
force anyone to take care of themselves
and I know I do not belong to you.
are there more than a few undercover
reasons for us to be gradually more
angry, like speaking tongues or missing
the ocean. even if something doesn’t go
anywhere, you can miss it; or even if
you haven’t been somewhere, you can fear
and resent it, like a hospital room or an
orange electroshock therapy couch. Some of
your mind will keep on watching the death
of kindness, and will not even know it
was leaving in the first place. Yellow sunlight
and blue skies will seem like torture after
this, lifted from the pages of a myth, a
boiling pot of oil, a well-stoked fire, and
the pain I have come to deserve. You
have no patience to explain to those
that don’t ‘get it’ and I never seem to
want to waste those words. Eventually these
woes have become friends, and bond the
days we cant get out of. Extract and
remove what you can’t get a smile out of.

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Respect required

revenge has left my system
employing a different tact now that I
stay aware of the disappointment i avoid yet
pursue the justice i see the future holds
empathize with struggles of every size
coming around a corner with the power like a flood
taking out tall trees and distracting energies
ready to emphasize the turn of this new page because
each of us forced to chase income as if it was
questions that rise up like really bad perfume
underlines the broken parts of the society
if you have to ask then you are in the wrong
repair the things that moved mountains for you
endure every day to get your time
don’t doubt i will do anything for you

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Entering alternate life

effort matters if you have something to do or not
normal isn’t some idea that really matters anymore
tranquil times have now ended
eventually excuses are worse for wear
rediculous reasons we come up with for anything we do
inside a devoted number of people who
need to have a person who cares for them be very close
getting over it like a critical injury to the heart
access to my inner self was so wise
let your guard down enough to remember that hurt
take a minute to be where you were when it happened
everyone has at least one moment like that in thier life
redeeming my soul has been
not any fear of trying things the crazy way
across the miles i know that you felt me
telling you complaints is the only fear i have at home
equal right have never really existed
letting me know how much you care is all i need
it may never happen but i understand that now
for each day passing more of the mask comes off
ending every day wanting your love

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