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happy as the day is long

Having the sunshine greet me After a night of finally getting good sleep Pursued by a little ambition and a big motivation Playing on the field of Yellow wheat and settled wind inside my mind And the crossing of the … Continue reading

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the internal winter

Tasting the wind and the coffee finally cold Hope rides the sun over your shoulder like morning Equally sharing a color that soup can share In a number of minutes the salt will meet water and Nocturnal flavor will drive … Continue reading

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into the evening

Innocent little snowflakes Meeting in these tiny last flowers soon Taking our few next minutes to bite On the bit Of chocolate and pull the blanket up Treating this evening as a hide-away day Having no place to be and … Continue reading

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forever is not enough

For all the years we have not Been here On this day I would like to recall Right action and direct conversation only Ending this hesitation which we have cradled Voting for the return to our own mental stability Each … Continue reading

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dawn of war now

dealing and ready to delay a past and long forgotten times when we met so far away not this or any other day i regret on the year we were together often i changed from that i took a life … Continue reading

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fight your own way out

Flying across the sky again In a chance to be near you and happy Getting that nothing is sacred Having understood that nobody is safe The grasp of reality is strong indeed  You must know that I want only you … Continue reading

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Perhaps our days can do this Reconnecting with a relaxing atmosphere Evoking the desire for hours together Silencing a few frustrations Culminating when this does not happen enough Inside our mild minds a calm bonding Eases the tough times of … Continue reading

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