grief and glory

across the air the sounds ruminate

playing an instrument like a person

while the drops come down from the sky

you broke the sea within me

and made my sky return to the weeping

but nothing seeps in the desire

like knowing you were the only one

to witness these words but couldn’t care less

now I have come to realize that

you will see the world through your own eyes

and they are colored by the people

who get to be as close to you

as the bruises upon your soul but you

trust even the people who would hurt you

because you don’t know what kind they are

or you are much more like them than I thought

and there are a thousand ways

to see the day

but only so many words to explain

new discoveries about you ring true

and the struggle is in the talk

because the future is a bright place

and I have only so far to go before I am

trying as hard as I can

and the race is winning

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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