not knowing which way to go
like a weapon fired blind
higher level thinking
can only reason out so much
like a cat scouting a fish
for some bites to take
but sustained on the chase
more than the meal
mighty mistakes were seen
like the spy in a tux at night
fitting the part
seeing life from the right angle
like you have never experienced it before
being sad at an example
that you knew had meaning
so struck that
it makes it hard to breathe
and the issue of emotion
only plays into it when the bomb is dropped
and young lives are going to see
the definition of a
need to have a face in a book
to find out what reason the danger is
and shutting down the dream
is only so bad to those
who had one to begin with
and everyone knows
if you have the riches
you don’t have the worries
even if you didn’t have to work for it

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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