all the blanks that I filled in
as the date is what numbers I see
after the cause has happened
and the choices are limited
but the frustrations are endless
so to aspire and wait
as the little details filter in
you have not got enough words
to tell me how to fit the system
not that the mistakes can be taken back
or the forest can become full of trees again
but as the conversation fades
and there is only so many places
we can hide until daylight breaks
lets curl up and make a story
about a few birds
that were separated for too many years
like kids lost in a childrens storybook
when the big bad wolf of there
and do you know that I wanted
to let the dreamy starlight in
when we had the blood moon
this last weekend
and we danced and sang to the crowd
as we have been dreaming
and believing in

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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