the delicate services

to the hurt there is no reason, no way the soul can heal
how can any see revenge as anything but the evil path
Every holy message or spiritual book knows to not kill an innocent
deep within downtown there are secrets
even when the lights are blazing
little corners or separated alleys
intimately hide the ghosts of recent
covering up the stolen energies and deadly crimes
across the street from churches or next to bars
taking power from these insane value-hoarders
eventually cursing them to unhappiness and greed
shadows sliding in and out of perceptive consciousness
endless stubbornness that evoke struggles to escape demons
resting right on the edge of observation until the missed step
vital to the creation of evil acts and random curses
invitations to a dangerous side of the less alive world
common sense and morals from a twisted other realm
each good person hurt that day
sensing the tragedy and injustice that this fire had wrought…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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