our own individual world

Only so many minutes left before the night joins
Us and we get to traverse the gloom
Riddled with happy connections
Orange and yellow circles on the front window
White veins and green stems straight from the field
No hesitation before the peacefulness begins
It’s the white candle that I
Need to relax near, because when I
Decided to get it for you, it was a pure thought,
I knew it would be correctly received and
Very cold mornings are like a get well card
Instigated the fever of a night of snowball fights
During a season that seems made for me
Under the sky full of shooting stars
Across the top of trees and clouds
Like a science fiction movie meets Christmas
When we met again it was this time of year
On the occasion of a gathering of family
Realizations of how much has changed and
Liking the thought of all I am thankful for
Doing anything with you is perfect

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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