run around

when we were first tonight, I
didn’t lie, and say we couldn’t be the
knights or the wizards or the royalty.
only one crew sounds like we do, and
they don’t construct weapons of this kind
of magnitude. To give a gift that means
that much is to incite actions of the cutting
and keeping sort. languidly we embrace the
moon, and with proper adoration see
the rising of the day in a flowering way,
softly as our sense of emergency dies, and this
decrepit and rusting sense of self-loathing
is slowly fleeing in the light of community
bonding, resting, recuperating. with these
final seconds before commotion, before
the restarting of the diesel that is our sunny
active week. planned but not proper,
placed but not patient. it isn’t these
types of days that bond families together,
full of fear and fretting and emergency, but
the before and after of the wrecking of
a secretly planned event or occasion.
could you bring us together today, and if
so, would it be okay? will I say too much?
if not, say nothing…
even my confusion is confused.

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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