like the sunset spawning
watching my light come in, and
watching my life evolutonize
as the music has been doing
to sway the votes in the right direction
and this is the hardest council that any speaker ever faced
through power lines and shady trees
we can see the road out of town from here
and nobody has a big enough opinion
to take away the need to get
a good night alone with your
ever blooming jungle house with every
cactus and succulent that ever grew a leaf or swam in the ocean’s breeze
but sometimes the keys don’t work and sometimes the
watching and judging eyes aren’t as amusing or apparent as
every perceivable cut can grow a new scar or three
and the last night or three has gotten away from us
but you will be here any moment and I
am willing and able to do anything you want to
from now until
our eyes close so slow
our thoughts and mouths cease
and our minds drift on to the effortless flight of dream
riding waves of clouds and finding
these places to drift to
and our hands are still holding…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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