there is only so far
before the collapse comes in
like a cloud that seemed small
but with enough hail for the whole night
and you have been bitter
but I have seen moods worse that that
and you have been hostile
but there are but only a few good reasons for that
you have a tense feel about you
and there were only so many days to go through
before the end is here
I cannot get enough time
and if I could manufacture more
it would still fall short of the
amount desired
and to try to make things perfect from here would only let you loose my dear
and I have got to get out a few thousand words
before dawn
has it really been so long
between the time we have agreed
and the time we reconnected
but I have to admit
parts of me are okay with that
because I drove myself down
like a car purchased to only get from one place
to the other
then who cares
I could be angry about the personal life
or I could dig up the
many things that upset me
about all my irreconcilable
inconsiderate redefinitions
that made it happen in the first place
instead I move on to putting it down on paper
because the point will be made
either way…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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