you have gone down
and you have been down that path
you don’t even know your own pain
you have been there again
and there are a few pasts
that came out to say hi to you again
but once we were there
you saw your friends
and it wasn’t like it once was
but the moon is out
and your vote is in
and if I knew you once
I will kno you again
but I saw the end
of our only family
who was the connection
between you and me
and there
is not a good cloud in the sky
or a good woman here tonight
and if I could set you free
you would get away from him
and you could be here with
her and me and thee
only one time will I say this again
the crying moon is not your only companion
and please just write me
I will miss you like a sad last date
and the last cup of coffee
and you will know
I am here for you
you are here for me

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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