paced off the steps
from here to there
and saw a few fires still burning
but where were you
and why was it so hard to show up?
I know that the clouds rolled in
and you had to get going
but not before the midnight hour scared you off
so this is the day to
hide away
and the night to come out screaming
or scared
but on this occasion
lets just get a few things straight
once you complete
the drink you have
and held my hand
like last nights plan
there was a bit of blood on my mask
and you had to be host
to the occasional growl
as you could dream
and not think of the work
on your plate tomorrow
because It is away from the cold
and you have a heat near you
and there are fellow friends to make
but I cannot say goodbye to you
so I will be here every time
until this world says
you have had enough

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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