as the night
came in to greet me
I shook a past year off
and I stood up and made a toast
to make the day clear
and I have seen a lot today
the seafood was incredible
even though I was far from the ocean
and there was a shadow falling
I had seen a thousand people downtown
in the city that keeps
a full mile underneath of it
I had a great day with a
few drinks in my body
and I have been around for many years
I do not have the words or the way
to thank all my friends and family
for the years of
being there
while I get a few more hours under my belt
and I remember the high school years
fun and trouble and snow and bonding camaraderie
I remember the college years
full of times I think of if I can recall them
and the past ten years
of becoming able and wise or at least better
if not better off
and the talents I have are being used
to make me happy
and the people in my life
I hoped and dreamed to have them in my existence as I got on
in years
and there doesn’t need to be cake or ice cream
for a birthday to fulfill wishes
and the night to be the best one ever
because I can relive, and enjoy
the whole last year
happily so


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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