at present

Only you
Could have brought me
From the top of the mountain
To the beach and back again
And I willingly go wherever
The charm of your distant heart will
Lead while the sight of you
In glorious memory is like the
Reflection of the sum off of a mirror
In the times we got together
I see our touch as the electricity of
One light that leads the way to a
Entire megaverse of happy and connected
Energy which fulfills and places a
Desire to never be apart from you ever,
No matter what happens
Yet I know that both of our
Relentless interconnectivity
Will seek each other out even if the
Land should shift and the wind will rise up
Even if the manipulation of time and space
Can make more effort than us yet the gods
Who are on our side know that our
Two souls are gems that are paired
Together for all of eternity through the
Ages and beyond,
For sometimes two are one

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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