daring the year to become
increasing in challenges and ideas,
something rising up in the theme of
pain and discomfort and slowly begins gathering
lean momentum trained in the fire of last winter,
allowing the temptation of knowledgeable words
yearning to be set free from the
discipline of time and the prison of silence,
expressions conveyed like
coming outside like a violent hailstorm or
only showing care for someone because you worry,
not thinking about it too hard like
someone who only gives people attention
that seeks them out in the first place
really speaks out about an incredible level of selfishness,
untill i explained it i was not sure that
calling someone out would make anything better,
the agony was there but not inquired about,
in time the clock will really be seen ticking
on the edge like a river moments from overflowing,
now is definitely always the time

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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