Inner piece

while the vicious cycles
rule the day
it means you have to find your own
flight path
because nobody can break you if
you don’t let it happen
and the happy moments that
can encourage even the most
hopeless ones
always start on the inside
and you have to have strength
even if it was the hardest walk
and you have to have hope
even if you don’t know where
you are going to get it from
and you have to have inspiration
even if there is no
coffee or ice cream or chocolate left
and you must
absolutely positively must
get up get out get something
because letting this life get the better of you
is never going to put a song in your heart
but being the best that you can be
in the worst mood in the worst type of situation
can bring you up when you are feeling down
life gives back to you what you put into it…


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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