I have done plenty of things
to deserve this kind of pain, but
this time, it isn’t me. I cannot
force anyone to take care of themselves
and I know I do not belong to you.
are there more than a few undercover
reasons for us to be gradually more
angry, like speaking tongues or missing
the ocean. even if something doesn’t go
anywhere, you can miss it; or even if
you haven’t been somewhere, you can fear
and resent it, like a hospital room or an
orange electroshock therapy couch. Some of
your mind will keep on watching the death
of kindness, and will not even know it
was leaving in the first place. Yellow sunlight
and blue skies will seem like torture after
this, lifted from the pages of a myth, a
boiling pot of oil, a well-stoked fire, and
the pain I have come to deserve. You
have no patience to explain to those
that don’t ‘get it’ and I never seem to
want to waste those words. Eventually these
woes have become friends, and bond the
days we cant get out of. Extract and
remove what you can’t get a smile out of.


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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