unlike talkative ones

until i am a changed person
now i also see how i am arranged
letting myself relax and live my life
in the way i knew i always should
knowledge of the correct path is just a
easy a river to follow downhill when
taking the unspoken of nature into account
aftermath of the times when hurt was a constant companion
like a sneaky roommate who you never talk about
keep guarded is what i have learned i must do
anyone who can read my actions can
tell i am a whirlwind of passions for life
including the little bits of nature in every month now
very glad i no longer have to please all the people in my world
earn the fire of a future pursued
off in the distance like a house on the horizon
not one day more will i hesitate
entering the phase where i am no longer controllable
shining my soul up to the sky

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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