communication intended

coming to the conclusion about
offering myself a new future to fight for
maybe a few things i really want to do
many times i wanted to walk
unusually far and with no particular destination
night is when i also love to sing
it definitely helps to get rid of all the worries
can not help but feel better alone sometimes
as it comes around the tree the moon says hello
taking a brief second to wink and smile
in a journey to the rest behind the clouds
on the occasion i sit on the pier by the water
nails made of steel criss-crossing from the wood
into the image forever forged into my mind
nevermind how long ago i was last here
there are ghosts i stir up all over this state
either near my house or out roaming around
not one holiday do i want to spend without you
don’t mind if we sleep or just sit here
energies up among the stars and around us
direct us to enjoy our lives to the fullest

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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