making it through today

must i find the common ground or
always face how hard this love is
knowing that there are no smiles left in me
in the hall at work others are chatting and i
and i need to go the long way around so i
get to avoid the chit-chat while my heart breaks
introducing the low self esteem and shyness
toward the pain we both know
that dwells in the looks of people who
have lives so perfect they do not know
ribs that ache from crying and bruises
only you know how i would trade my life to have you here
up above my head is where i look to
give myself a moment to readjust
having eye do this is very inconveinient at this time
there are times when i think weird things
odd stuff like how i would rather be
dead than so you unhappy for emotional reasons
ask me for anything and i will get it for you because
yours is the soul i want to be near

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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