Resisting a need to move when it is

Really needed and it feels like there is a

Great deal of resistance to the needs that i

Have regarding interaction with other people.

I am from now on, going to claim the activity

I think is right for me. I cannot always

Expect that what you want to do has anything to

Do with me and what I want. I believe that you

Want me here but I have to go ahead and move

Around and get a bunch done in order to be on

top of my game. You have a preference to

sit on the couch and watch movies but I would

rather be out walking around all night long

instead and that is just as ridiculous because

we need variety to happen and we have only got

so many different chances and opportunities to

keep on doing this. If you want to find me I

will be there for you but if you want to stay close

we will need to put some effort into understanding

each other unless you would rather get a bad

time into motivating you into getting this time with me

all straightened out


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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