In the moments when you

Reveal yourself, it is obvious how you

Feel. There are things that you do that

Show your excitement and you have got

More self-interest in mind then you do

Concern for other people, except when it is the

Type that you have a secret desire for. This

Is something that comes out in such a way that

It is not like it takes a detective to figure out,

In fact even people who don’t know you very well

Can see how you act. But the part that seems so

Obvious is when you are not even aware of how

You want to do something just because someone

You like is doing it, like you wouldn’t be jealous

Of someone elses life unless it was that person who

You like so much is doing it, and then all the

sudden that is what you want. I will need to

get a lot more time to consider the freedom i

am giving up in order to get time with you but

then you are not going to want to do the same

thing every single night, but if you do, I will

consider if I am even going to be there. If you

responded to me like you do to your close friend

that would be different

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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