stories of face

while you get into the
beginning, a long dark cloud has joined
the group. All of the real troubles and
dangers that you will face in this easy
torture part of existing will be related to us
knowing that there is an underlying theme
and a gathering of thoughts used to protect
yourself from this and any way it can effect
you when you are out and trying to get
done what you need to do, after having been
controlled for so many years you can
still feel the hand at the end of the rope.
But now, after all, the freedom of knowing
that not one day passed without the unseen
Control of having been playing a part, you can
Grab the control back and you can grasp
The idea of only doing things that you are so
Completely motivated to do. Then even if
You are not driven by outside forces, it will
No longer matter. The chance to do what
You want is not a common thing any more
Than the desire to show kindness, but being
Uncommon is what sets people apparently apart

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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