landing on shore
with a mind already in the mountains
and this is all so strange
when the city has to speak to me to
wake me up
smoke and exhaust and haze
are joining together in front of me
like a ghost of the street
and welcoming me back
to this place where we meet
after all, I would not be here
if it wasn’t for you
and even the streams of
runoff water in the gutter
can make designs that have me
happy to see you
before it has even come true
but it will though I know
as we have to come to this
place in our lives where we reconnect
among the roads so familiar
they are like the veins on my own hand
and tomorrow never comes until
you have been on today’s
ever-expanding trail of trials and joys
everyone gets their own patch of existence
to grasp the good energies out of
and you get
the good luck and deep love
you put forth into it

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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