you went so far
and you were there when I would sing
you and trees wave and put up
with my song and the fact you don’t chime along
as if you have ever been with someone
who would be that mean to you
as if I didn’t know then
and another major storm is
all over the horizon and gathers
while we are in a snowy day of elm
who wakes the owl and goes after the prey
like a peacock who was
talked about and sensed it or a tree cut down
both forgotten about and
tonight will be the only time to be
the last lost love you dreamt of
the tide is washing out once more and
none of the feelings are here from the night before
lasting chances don’t happen like that
but where were you when you knew I was down
no oh god don’t go
don’t say we won’t last
a choking neckpiece
a wait a wish
a song a sorrow
if I don’t get a word from you tomorrow
I will rock and roll away
it is too painful any other way

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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