shiny nelson

Softly as the
Hours draw slowly on
In time we feel the single song
Never ending this droopy time
Yearning for the single day
Nothing in your pockets
Every occasion you arrive in town
Lost to the New surroundings we
Seek for a cal night at a relaxing hour
Only negative thoughts can stop us Now
Not only can I tell you anything I can say anything
Sometimes hoping the end of the day is dying
Holding close to my heart something
Important and dear to me but my
Nighttime prayers are on a
Young evening I wake up crying
Not an event that anyone gets over easily
Ears burning because of other people talking
Low to the ground, I walk, but from far above I see,
Some moments are only there to make us feel,
Over the mountain horizon the clouds begin orange
Navigations to the preparation of love dusk……

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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