december falls

there is always a little
bit more stress around the lake this time of year
and the crown upon the tree
is going to be set
before the next snow falls
but we have always been a
pair of gloves
and like the ending of the
perfect movie
we still found each other even if
it had been so many years
and we both ride off into the sunset together
after a night of
drinking cold and frosty green creamy drinks
and climbing on top of chairs to dance
laying down on a couch
and taking coats on and off
as we went from one loud reckless bar to another
rolling dice in a game and
showing a painting we made
candles on a table and
conversations of friendship
people who hadn’t seen each other since Halloween
last but not least
by the time I get you home
I am helping you walk
and the passing out on the floor
before a warm tub of water and bubbles
and then we both get under covers
among the heat of the night
and hold each other tight…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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