whomever comes through that door next
has a good little view into my room
and the cool breeze that
lives with me
but I am not going to move
I have found the decent spot to
rest my mind from all the turmoil
and I know I am not going to live through the
rest of my life
without remembering the dream I have been
torn up from the decent warm place for
and I have got to think
for a long time and very hard
as a thousand words come begging
for attention
I have been overcome by no sound
have you ever been somewhere that
the silence is everywhere?
the sound of my breathing is
almost as loud as the moving of my leg
across the fabric on its left and right
the perfect emptiness from sound
is here to welcome my solitude
to the kinds of thought
that can rupture my own despair
and show me the path to happiness
by putting me there
and becoming one with the peaceful nature
of existence,
now to put into practice
always remembering it.

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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