In the place we hide

cut the fat off the conversation
and make a date of it
because we both know what is going on
and I have a way to say
looking for a way to explain to you
that I understand
you don’t want me to say I love you
because you have been hurt before
but we have all been and
I know that the idea
of someone being that for you
is scary too
being that we have got a lot to be scared of
but life is scary and the
depth of feeling that someone has
shouldn’t be that makes you see
the belief they have in the good things
yet are willing to risk everything
to ask someone to shut off that part of
themselves to let you off the hook
is not good but maybe it just helps you ease into the situation
instead of just letting someone
in your walls that you made to protect
yourself from getting too close too soon
but who could blame you with such big
scars on your heart
and I know how it feels and I have been there
yet if you want to take your time
in letting me inside your protective barriers
like I have let you inside mine
hopefully one day we can show each other
the healing spots on our souls
and the bruises on our heart chambers
while we get a bit closer
at the appropriate pace
because I can tell we are both
willing to try…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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