making a new position
to meet the day in
I have so missed you
and wanted to see you eyes open
to the blue outside your window
and every day is a classic film
made to wake up to
and jerk a tear right out of my system
the blaze of the sun is welcome
and once a unique beginning is upon us
I chased the terrors away
and waited for the coffee to kick
and then rushed out to begin the
arrangement of the helping
of all the people I can today
and I discovered that I knew
who exactly needed me, too
connected through the world
that makes up the needy and hurt
and I can do this and continue to
because I was there once
and I know how much it meant to me
to be there on the side of a close friend
or total stranger who was not going to admit
how much they needed assistance
and what it means to receive it

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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