when I get there
it wont be so easy,
I will have to let go
and not show how nervous I am
that I might be hit again
and I don’t want to fail
but success could be worse
if I have to run
and dodge to avoid the pain
and make sure I am not away from the freedom
I fought so hard to find
and I was not waiting
for anything but darkness
because then I can get along with the
actions and serious decisions
that I should get used to seeing
in my rearview mirror
and I know that I wish to stay here
but I am so not ready
to climb down
from the tree
that hides me
so my enemies will not observe
how insane I am
and use that against me
as I sink my teeth in
to the hurt from each insult
and even my significant other
scares me with meanness
when she is let down
by my actions

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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