working tough times
as hard as the looks are
it is even rougher to think
that you are judged by every word
and none of your close family or friends
have read into each idea and what you
do is not noticed by the really real
but that is fine
such is life
I just wanted to show
what was going through my mind
and I cannot hide any longer
like I have done for young years and
old years both
but the closing of the day just shows that I was not allowed
to be myself the whole time anyway
and I can get out under that full moon
but I wont get to see you
until after the feeling has passed
even if
the sun comes out now
it wont save those
who have frozen toes and ass-icles
and for the night
finally my outside matches
how I feel inside my skin
I know that no body showing interest
will be here to warm me
but I am now immune to
the shivers and visual breath
because it is my job to work
and warm others and help others
and get used to having
no one to rely on because the only
fear I have is people seeing
how fearless I am
because when you have nothing
you can do anything…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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