not only am I here,
but I thought I would never be…
making the news real
possible as the future may be
who would change it for you
is a question that anyone can ponder
but few make an effort
and I have not made a long term anything
and love is defined differently
for each person of any type of and any experience but
when you want someone to care you want them to
love you how you wish to be
not how they want to be loving you and that is not even the worst problem
the biggest thing is the need
the need to have someone be there is
what causes people to make any sort of
long vine to begin growing
and wishing you were something or somewhere
you are not is like having a dream
and not ever remembering it
but even if we have
been through the same things in life
it is the positive dream that changes people
not the doubt that would make you
not take that leap,
so where are you
on that road?

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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