if you don’t see this as
going anywhere, I have some news for you. I said
at the two year mark that a choice should be
made, but what I didn’t say was only after
three years do you get to have all of me.
It seemed like a little of an extreme reaction, but
I know now more than ever before that it is a good
way to be, because I was so close to putting a
down payment to live, and you
were about as able to see that as I could
see that you had someone else to chillax with
more than me. but the full arc of spoiled
is being shown that you are not as
important as someone or something else
and then finding out the hard way that you were
right; morals were never as important to you
unless they are stomped on, or as big of a
deal to me unless they are walked all
over by you, but if I had you near and you did care
enough to not be quite as mean or high
of a standard of desire then I guess I should
have seen you coming across as the owned
piece of ass you were. Don’t tell
me to keep on caring if
you got nothing better to do than
be another person’s
old reliable…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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