don’t take it that way
it could only be me
but as a prank would go
you are scared of your shadow
blink twice and you can miss a ghost
or turn around at the right time
and you can catch a thief
but you don’t trust me
I am writer and my words aren’t yours
you don’t ever know who I am a poet for
and you have a handful of reasons to doubt
from your past as well as my own
and you liked me as long as
it was all for you and you alone
but now you second guess every song
and romance movies take far too long I gotta go
to show up and give you release
for the world is here to hurt you
and you never give in unless you give up
and I am here to make you not stop
and there is only one person who can speak to your brain
I used to care too much but things have changed
and you are as far away as
a champion criminal who saw the way
to get off clean
without the use of a person who needs you
but you just left and flew across
the country when you could
I am missing you even though
I am here in your apartment
with you…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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