when I am so suffering
it is not about the missing of
a few of the important people
and the red sky at night
or the dark drinks and sparkly lights of the city
or even the rainy forest we have made,
it is about goals and
making the gate,
this is the eternal aim
when the final finished product
is on your mind every day
as a grateful morning is
coated with enough caffeine
to make it through the whole entire day,
it was a bruise or a pain
that even made you slow down
and I have improved the need
to work right through the hurt
and make my daily
experience put in its place when
the last way was just not
enough of a struggle, I made my
way down for the boiling heat was
just as forgiving as the people
who took everything from me in
the first place yet I wanted to
be here because it made me
be here in appreciation of
the place where spoiled bullshit
doesn’t happen…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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