taking the moment
over the trees the small lights
like dots of shining revolutions in the sky
because a lesson has to be learned
there are people who dig for years to work and
find the one piece that many answer the question
and show them the path to thier learning
in whatever it is they finally uncover
and there are people who look
through tubes of glass and metal and calculations
to find out about the past that was
a group of energies that are no longer living
but still reach out and get a teachable experience
down to the opening eyes of a few who search
and all of them are doing what you need to do
by exploring the illuminations that your own past
can reveal to you if you can just be open to
the understanding of your own buried or far away
incredible personal nature
then you shall find exploring yourself
is the wisdom and lesson to guide you best,
take heart in the fact that if they can do it so can you


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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