only then,
making it up so long,
so hard to come up with
a different scenario
because you don’t want to know
what the future brings
and don’t even guess
what could scare you or hold you down
and I have only got
a few months left
unless the world begins turning the other way
and I saw you coming
but didn’t notice you open the door
and I needed you to
tell me more
but first I had to learn how to talk to you
and there were a few hidden obstacles
that the environment cut away
and a few thousand words
for me to hear from other people
before there was a realization
that all the other people I had been with
were so much more selfish
and judgmental compared to you
but what could I do
but learn
better and faster
how not to give up…


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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