sometimes you have to be
wondering, where did
that thought come from?
the wishing for today,
the wondering what could be the only
path that leads
you away from so much pain?
the collection of memories are like a river
and we all flow down it
in a simple single set of
beliefs that we are
can cause a tidepool to
control you without
you even being aware of it
and I can’t say I will be
strong like this forever
and I know that I will miss you in the
days that make us apart
but the leaf that dropped
from a family tree
settled nicely on the tiniest
spider web of possibility
until it had come to the convergence of
moments in time and space
that would join all the threads together
and then it dropped
to the spot in that river
and flowed on its way
to the nexus point
and then the rest of the journey
was the same as it was for all of us,
not a choice as much as it was
a lot of options to enjoy
and all in due time…


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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