Only so many moments bring
People together in life and it is a day
To remember when someone’s soul is really reborn,
In salute to the best times you have had
In the moment when you are
First free in the world
And people gathering who are
Happy for that specific event, but thanks must
Be given to the power of positivity, for it is
So easy in this life to be brought down by
Another person’s unhappiness or the terrible drama
Or issues that constitute most of people’s life
But if you can come through at the beginning of
Every day by remembering that being alive is
Good and you are lucky to be where you are at
And have what you have, but more importantly
That every single person has had has had somebody
Change their mood by being positive and everyone
Can effect someone by being there for them and being
Positive, it is
A great day when this happens
And I try to do that every day


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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