Often, it started this way;
when it came time
for lying down, you knew I
would be
singing your energy…
I came so close to rebuilding
my life without you, that I, honestly,
had considered giving only one more
chance to myself.
a large journal
of grief, blue skies,
made final by the percussive retold
rhythm. you couldn’t have foreseen me
or you were an unreal actress of amazing talent. actually
you were doing
everything I had hoped; wanting my hand
while driving, wanting a kiss before leaving,
wished to know my thoughts…
felt so right when you were held;
and then your mind
came to a realization, a big blue curtain
that held your intermission.
when you woke up
and saw me
your eyes shone.
the new ending had given way to
a comfortable familiar beginning.
happily ever after,
I shed layers of joy for us while dreaming…


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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