multiworld story

when the sound of nature is what
wakes you up and the need to move is definitely debated,
while comfy-ness and warmth are the closest thing
to dream right this moment and nobody gets
this close to me except you and when that happens
it is like a ray of sunshine bottled into a moment,
an entire meal and a nap compressed into that
first second i open my eyes and you are right there
and the feeling is like the first time you got
what you wanted for christmas crossed with the best
birthday present to date and standing under a
waterfall is just as exhilarating and at least half
as intense while the perfect song in this instance
was already on but i didn’t know it was the perfect
song yet, besides the fact that i never could
have guessed that here is where i would end up
and look at this life now…  wow!

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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