uncommon animal

as the start of the day commences it
is uncommonly quiet around these
parts, no single story has arrived on the
page yet so here we are waking up the
ghosts and seeing who is still alive around
here and what did they do in the first place,
this is not a common area to have even been
from much less connect with, afraid that the
desire for too much excitement will win
and so where do we go from here and yet
even staying right here and sharpening up the
afternoon should come as a surprise to whomever
knocks on the door, arranged a few last
minute warnings for the whole circle as if
you didn’t know already, when somebody knows
they did you wrong, if you see them again
they won’t wake up so pretty, and the good
times follow up with a sunset and a howl at the moon,
holler at the moon, howl at the moon

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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