completed as a
last ditch effort
like still breathing
but trying to
confirm a time
of death and
being as broken
as possible but
still expected to
attain efforts in
a normal life
yet as long
as you can
fool yourself then
you should be
able to do
that to others
when needed and
almost everybody carries
around within themselves
a hidden pain
which can be
quite a heavy
anchor around the
neck if you
do not make
friends with it
or at least
see it for
what it really
is and then
your world is
reshaped and it
never fits in
that box again
no matter how
hard you try
or how much
you think about
her sigh or
when you wake
up way too
early and you
needed that sleep
then you never
know when you
will get to
try once more





About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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