moonlight steamboat springs

moon shine shifting rays,
off among the clouds,
opening a new door,
new doors cold as they usually are,
like eyes closed exploring space,
getting the sun and snow moods.
having no distractions after
the time you have to suffer and
stay along a sharing of our wisdom,
tentative and shaky as your electricity is,
every day wake up spring,
and every night go to bed winter,
may each small imagining open to a sharing
beneath the spirit we woke to,
over my soul,
as a building is coming in the storm,
they never warned us as if we
stayed cruel in war as the trojans do,
promised the sad little
return to what never existed,
is the mad fever of a painful time,
needing a cup of coffee and
getting three hours of chatting while we open up,
so is our humanity once confidence is here

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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